Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to thryn!

Hello to new readers aristabulus and solrosenberg84!

Cautiously optimistic.

Yom Kippur
I couldn't decide which e-card I liked best, so here, have all of them.

(Yes, I'm fasting. No, I'm not hugely religious, but this year, I'm fasting.)

Out of the Darkness Walk
Okay, you know that you can win fabulous prizes for sponsoring me or any other member of Team Monkey Hugs.

But also! You'll get my Large Fandom Collider storybit and my alternate take on New Gods from September's Wind Tunnel Dreams. And! You'll also get these for spreading the word about the walk. Just post about the walk and send me the link, and you'll get the storybits. (You won't get entered in the raffle at Emily's journal; that's for sponsors only. But. Storybits. *nod*)

(The walk is 3 miles long, btw, in laps, and they'll have a gimp cart. So if I can't finish, I'll get back safely. :) )

Link Soup
* Handy Latin phrases
* Chuck Klosterman gives us a brief history of the 21st century.
* Make a Muppet at FAO Schwarz!
* Julie Brown does a political self-parody - "The Ex-Beauty Queen's Got a Gun.

Daily Science
Neurocognitive Defects & Brain Structure in Fibromyalgia: Are Pain & Cognitive Problems Related?

The stuff I planned to do yesterday? Aside from the BARCC thing, none of it got done. So. That. Have backed out of the IAF meeting because I've had hour+long T delays yesterday and Monday, and if I go to the meeting I can't be assured of being back in time to get Elayna to her doctor's appointment.
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