Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

BARCC Stuffs

* Tabling was excellent, as always. The vigil was very underadvertised, so we didn't have a huge crowd.... but we were able to talk to lots of people about BARCC and what we do, and we handed out lots of info. And candy.

* I have now been described, re: my efforts at luring people over and engaging them in conversation, as "relentlessly sparkly".

* Tonight's "...are you Shadesong?" came in the first five minutes of the tabling and amused me greatly, being as it was someone who knew of me only through my comments on his friends' LJs - and I suck at commenting!

* The mayor and aldermen of Somerville are very nice.

* Left literature with the Diesel baristas, to see about doing a partnership with them - Diesel's customer-loyalty punchcards result not in a free latte, but in a donation to their chosen charity. I want BARCC to be their next charity! The baristas were also enthusiastic about posting stuff on the bulletin boards and in the bathrooms.

* The Red Line was experiencing delays. The person next to me noticed my BARCC tote bag and happened to be a survivor who was still having some trouble coping - so we got to talk for about fifteen, twenty minutes, and I gave her the hotline info.

* No, I do not have an off switch.

* I still need an icon for posts like this. (blackpaladin, LJ was having trouble with the one you made me; maybe it was too big?)

* Now I get dessert, because I was very good today. *nods*
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