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Tew's Day

...ow. But I have my Celebrex now.

Suicide Prevention Walk
More prizes, including a gorgeous leather mask! Just sponsor anyone on Team Monkey Hugs, and you'll be entered in the raffle. My specific link is here. And pass it along!

Walk is this Saturday. Mom: "What if you can't do the whole thing?" Me: "I'm sure they'll send a golf cart around to pick up the gimps." They generally do. I will do as much as I possibly can - hopefully the whole thing.

The thing that bugs me about incessant Sarah Palin coverage is that this is not what this election is about to me. Yes, I know she's pure evil with a perky smile. But this election, for the first time in a long time, isn't about who to vote against.

It's about who to for. Because dude, we finally really have someone to vote for. It's not just that McCain's economic and healthcare plans are a horrorshow. It's that Obama's are good.

Let's focus on the positive. If we're talking about the election, let's talk about what changes we need and want, and why Obama's our guy - not just why McCain isn't.

Link Soup
* The Ambition of the Short Story
* Interesting new game - Elayna would like this!
* A new Gmail Labs feature dubbed "Mail Goggles" has Gmail ask you a series of math problems before allowing you to send out emails late on certain nights—like, say, those nights when you're artificially motivated to tell your boss/significant other/frenemy just what the deal is. You can adjust the bewitching hours and difficulty of the math problems in your general settings. Dude. That is so what I need. About 3-5 minutes after my nighttime meds, I'm still typing, but I have no idea what I'm saying and I don't remember it in the morning.

Daily Science
Microscope image of Martian dirt. What I love is not just dude, Mars! but that I got this link from the Phoenix Lander via Twitter. I love that the Phoenix Lander Twitters.

Work on Ondine. List those damn Barbies on eBay. Hit the "how can I help you?" post. I'm tabling at the Somerville Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil tonight from 6-8, but will be at Diesel before and after.
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