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Comics programming for Arisia

Okay, this is what I've got. Deadline's tomorrow. Comics people, could you please look this over and tell me what's not here and needs to be?

Comic Panel I'm Just Wild about Kirby 1hr
Jack Kirby was one of the most influential, recognizable, and prolific artists in American comic books, and the co-creator of such enduring characters and popular culture icons as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Hulk and Captain America. He also created the highly innovative Fourth World series of comics for DC. His style has influenced comic books artists and authors for years and his imprint upon the field of comics can still be felt to this day.

Comic Panel Boston Comics Roundtable 1hr
The Boston Comics Roundtable is a group of comics creators who meet weekly and talk about the craft, the market and various other aspects of comics. They're recently released the second issue of their self-published anthology "Inbound". If you're an aspiring comics creator yourself or just interested in local resources for independent comic artists come and meet the BCR at this panel.

Comic Panel Keeping the Faith: Changes in Your Comics 1hr
You've seen your favorite character killed, brought back to life, killed again and rebodied into a clone from an alternate history. At what point do you decide enough is enough? Do you keep reading a series that has gone downhill in the hopes that it will get better? What makes you pick up a series that you'd given up on?
Present your views on the effects of creative staff changes in favorite comics. Discuss the reasons behind these changes, how audiences react, and the impact on sales.

Comic Panel No Capes! Non-superhero Comics 1hr
The majority of comics are hero/superhero based. Is there a place at the table for non-hero drama? If not, why not? Discover new non-hero titles and discuss some of your own favorites with others.
From mysteries to romance drama, almost every area of fiction seems to be represented in the comics field; so, why don't these titles get more press? However, Brian Wood's "Channel Zero" is near future science fiction and social commentary. Terry Moore's "Strangers in Paradise" explores the life and romantic entanglement of two lifelong friends. What other non-superhero comics are out there? Bring your examples of other non-hero comics to this panel and share them with our attendees.

Comic Panel The Best Webcomics You're Not Reading 1hr
The thousands upon thousands of available webcomics range from wretched to wonderful, from the most mundane to the freakiest of the fantastic. We're going to discuss the best of the best from various genres--and we're sure to cover some you haven't heard of yet.

Comic Panel Comic Books Go to the Movies 1hr
Comic books and graphic novels are showing up on the big screen, and television. Why so many recently? Are they just easier to adapt? How important is accuracy in the conversion? Is this good or bad for comics?

Comic Panel Super-Mega-Epic Crossovers 1hr
Civil War. Crisis on Some Kind of Earth. Apocalypses seem to abound in the major comic book companies, touching upon all of their stories. Once, this was seen as a way to shake things up; now, it seems like the stakes must keep rising to even get our attention. What makes a mega-crossover worthwhile, and how many armageddae is too many?

Comic Panel Uncivil War 1hr
Are you for or against the registration act? Do you stand with Iron Man or Captain America? Come join the debate!

Comic Panel Secret Invasion: Who can you trust? 1hr
The Marvel Universe was rocked this year by the revelation of shapeshifting Skrulls in their midst, masquerading as friends and teammates. Come discuss the newest twists and turns in Marvel's big new crossover. Who's a Skrull this week?

Comic Panel Retcon and You 1hr
When does retroactive continuity becoming an excuse for justifiable homicide in the fan community? You have followed the same character since your grandparent first showed you their dog-eared copy of a golden age pulp. Now along comes a new writer who has these ideas on how to change things up that they consider so cool. Some of them are changes to the history you know and love. Is this even the same character anymore?

Comic Panel The Manga Revolution 1hr
Has manga replaced the usual comics for kids and young adults? If so, is that a bad thing? Manga is a medium in Japan, not a genre; one can find manga ranging from wacky fantasy epics to teen romance to horror, and some things that are simply indescribable. This panel will discuss popular manga and point out a few that you've never heard of, and will discuss things Western comics can learn from manga.

Comic Panel The best indie comics you're not reading 1hr
Is your comics knowledge limited to the Big Two? Come to this panel and hear about all of the indie comics you never knew existed!

Comic Panel TV to Comics 1hr
It all started with Joss Whedon, who decided to continue Firefly and Buffy in comics form; now others are joining in, including Farscape. It's a novel way to continue a series - and the special effects are a lot cheaper!

Comic Panel Celebrity Comics 1hr
Joss Whedon, Jodi Picoult, Stephen King - how are novelists/tv show writers' guest spots in comic runs working out? Is it just a sales gimmick, or does it improve the storyline?

Comic Panel Canon, Schmanon 1hr
Wait, what? Peter and Mary Jane were never married? "On More Day" is just the latest in a long line of creators meddling with comics canon to make the changes they want - whether the changes fit the character or not. Is this ever truly justifiable?

Comic Panel Unforgettable Moments 1hr
Gwen Stacy falling off the bridge. The big reveal at the end of Watchmen. What moments in comics do *you* find unforgettable? We'll discuss our favorites and take suggestions from the audience.

Comic Panel Who Watches the Watchmen? 1hr
Is it even possible to compress Watchmen into a single movie? The set photos and video diaries look great, but we'll be waiting with bated breath to see if they actually pull this off. Come and discuss the series that revolutionized comics, and the movie that we're all hoping will capture its magic.

Comic Panel Women in Comics 1hr
Let's discuss strong women in the comics world, from Marvel's White Tiger to the postapocalyptic matriarchy of Y: The Last Man. Who are your favorite kickass women in comics?

Comic Panel GLBT-friendly Comics 1hr
From the lesbian relationships in Runaways and Janes in Love to Apollo & Midnighter and Ultimate Colossus, mainstream comics are broadening the range of relationships beyond strictly het. We'll discuss the change from using characters' sexuality as sensationalism to simply working it into the storyline the same as you'd do with a hetero relationship.

Comic Panel Iron Man: "Yeah, I Can Fly." 1hr
This is how it's done! Come discuss the big-screen Iron Man, and marvel at how they got it so right.

Comic Panel Avengers Assemble! 1hr
Slowly but surely, the Marvel movies are bringing the Avengers together, with characters cameoing in each others' movies - and yes, that was Cap's shield! The Avengers movie is slated for 2010, and is said to feature Iron Man and the Hulk as well as Thor and Ant Man, who will also have their own solo flicks; Wasp is also rumored to appear.

Comic Panel Why so Serious? 1hr
Heath Ledger's mesmerizing portrayal of the Joker utterly stole the show from the Dark Knight and Two-Face, giving us one of the best comic-book movies ever. Did Ledger's death overshadow the movie and Eckhart's amazing transformation?How does the movie fit with comics canon? Where will they go from here?

Comic Panel Show me the Monkey! 1hr
Common knowledge:Put a monkey on the cover and it'll sell. Gorilla Grodd, Angel and the Ape, Monsieur Mallah - all simian rock stars. Marvel Apes, however,is the exception to this rule,underperforming drastically. Is a monkey no longer enough?

Comic Panel Politics in Comics 1hr
For the first time,presidential candidates are appearing in comics (Savage Dragon endorses Obama!). And DC has a roster of candidates of its own.As heroes endorse candidates, teams and alliances fracture.What does political maneuvering do to the world of comics?

Comic Panel The Power of Myth 1hr
Comics like Sandman and Fables explore myth and folklore in the context of comics. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen does the same with literary legend. What are your favorite four-color reimaginings of myth and magic? What pantheons and legends are underused?

Comic Panel Warren Ellis: Genius,Madman,or both? 1hr
Warren Ellis continues to take comics by storm,rampaging across Marvel and Avatar,in addition to maintaining a weekly webcomic.

Comic Panel Reinvention 1hr
How do you reinvent yourself after a longstanding creator-owned project? Terry Moore went from Stranger in Paradise to Runaways, and Jeff Smith went from Bone to Captain Marvel - but both quickly left to immerse themselves in new creator-owned projects (Echo and Rasl,respectively). After a long story of one's own,does working for the Big Two no longer work? Do fans require these writers/artists to work on projects similar to the ones they fell in love with,or is it a creative decision?

Comic Panel Brian Wood 1hr
Brian Wood is quietly garnering fans from outside comics, writing slice-of-life that appeals to people outside the superhero crowd. We'll discuss his writing and this possible new direction for comics. Could slice-of-life be what saves the industry?

Comic Panel Ultimate Adventure! 1hr
The Ultimate Universe was Marvel's most successful experiment, rebooting its heroes to a modern-day origin. Several years in,the Ultimate Universe is poised on the brink of ultimate change.

Comic Panel Minx No More 1hr
DC's Minx line targeted young women; DC cites its "failure"to lacking an audience,but manga sales prove that wrong.Minx was never given a chance to thrive, but in its one short year it brought out some fantastic books. What went wrong? How can we bring character-driven original graphic novels to the audience that's clearly there?

Comic Panel Tie-In Comics - what works? 1hr
Star Trek comics work,and sell,where Star Wars comics don't. Why? Perhaps because Trek comics follow characters we know and care about,where Star Wars comics barely intersect with the movie canon. Fans want rich backstory and sidestory. Who's doing it right?

Comic Panel Xavier vs. Magneto vs.Cyclops 1hr
Whose ideology will reign supreme? Is Xavier's potential Utopia possible? If so, can those who create it ever hope to inhabit it?

Comic Panel Hottest Comics of 2008 1hr
Final Crisis. Trinity.Secret Invasion.Old Man Logan.The Image creators' reunion.Talk about the hottest comics of the past year!

Comic Panel The Midwest Mafia 1hr
Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Jason Aaron, and about nine or ten others are having a significant impact on mainstream comics. Aaron's Scalped owes more to country music and The Wire than to Jack Kirby or Stan Lee. Fraction came from the commercials production business to comics, and is consulting on Iron Man 2 with Jon Favreau. Is it really something in the water in Kansas City?

Comic Panel Work-for-Hire vs. Creator-owned 1hr
Robert Kirkman and Brian Michael Bendis have been having a little bit of mutual attituding at one another over work-for-hire vs. creator-owned stuff, and Kirkman's basic attitude appears to have morphed into "Why would you even bother with WFH when you could do your own stuff?" Meanwhile, guys like Warren Ellis and Andy Diggle seem to stick to the "WFH pays the bills" line, which seems a bit more sensible than Kirkman's "abandon your corporate masters" stance.

Comic Panel Comics Is Controversy 1hr
The panel will examine the controversial history of comics, from Superman's early appearance to "Seduction of the Innocent" and the subsequent loss of whole genres of comics, Robert Crumb to "Genius", the new comic about a 17-year-old black female military tactician taking on the LAPD, and many more!

Comic Panel Dark Horse 1hr
Dark Horse is really a company hitting out of the ballpark. With Buffy, Star Wars, the entire Robert E. Howard line, the continuing strong Usagi Yojimbo, Hellboy, and new series like Umbrella Academy, could they finally make the Big Two the Big Three?

Also, for the ones with a weak precis, help expanding would be great. I had to think most of these up by myself. Many thanks to those of you who gave me great stuff in my previous post on the matter.

You can tell which ones are totally mine because they have monkeys. And folklore. And phrases like "postapocalyptic matriarchy".

If you want to be a panel, get me your contact info ASAP; I have to get it to the head of programming by Oct. 8.

If you have any panel ideas at all, get 'em to me today; deadline's tomorrow. Yes, I can put in non-comics programming.

Panels are not guaranteed to run; it is entirely dependent on panelist interest.
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