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Happy birthday to farwing and ketzl!

Happy birthday to eilonwy, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader kaitouace2750 and oldewolfe!

I had a sore throat through most of my trip; in the absence of other symptoms, I thought maybe my new inhaler was irritating the back of my throat. Now I have a slight fever and a feverish lassitude, the kind that makes your eyes feel glassy. And post-nasal drip, which I haaate. So.Not very sick, but sick enough to take note of; will need to take rest breaks. Painwise, I'm okay. 'Bout a 3.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
The Large Fandom Collider pendant goes to s00j! s00jlove, please to send me a mailing address.

I know what I like writing, but since I'm writing for your coffee money, it behooves me to know what you like reading. So! Yesterday's poll. Tied for first place: Crackling ice and The Ushabti's Day Off. A close second: When her eyes open, the desert turned into glass (which was my favorite).

Bottom three were Candle, mirror, string; Bleached time; While your lips are still red.

My favorites-to-write: Desert turned to glass, Portal to Heaven, Ushabti, and Ordinary Magic. (I am the writer and so I get to pick more than three. :P) Personally, I wasn't that into the ice one - it surprises me to see so many people into it.

Ones that will be gathered up into their own novels eventually (after Places You Haunt and Shayara!): Thank you for erasing my memories (with Apostate and the Steadfast Tin Soldier), The Sphinx and Ananke (with Maggie's story, which requires a title). Pattern of light through leaves could be expanded to a short story or novella - I'd want to do Ani's story. If Swanleigh-Fulcrum's Guide keeps popping up,its advice may eventually be collected, but I don't currently have plans for that.

Shayara by Subscription
Okay, so this is how it would work:
1. I write Act One and send it out for art.
2. While it is getting arted, I send it (text-only, with sneak peeks at art as it comes in) to subscribers, a chapter a week.
3. Subscriber money helps pay artists.
4. When art is complete, I start posting it on
5. While all of this is going on, I'm writing Act Two; lather, rinse, repeat. Then lather, rinse, repeat with Act Three. If this works, I can get subscribers a constant stream of story in advance of the general public, and I'll have enough delay built into the system that a fibro flare won't screw everything up, which is what happened earlier this year. Subscriptions... doe $10/month sound good?

How does that sound? Any advice? Any questions? Any requests?

It'll be a while before I have anything for you. I just want to get the idea out there.

Link Soup
* Jeweler/crafter friends! Be in BUST's Product Showcase!
* Fascinating album idea. harkalark, you want to read that.
* Getting inspiration from the Ghost Bikes around town, a 26-year-old female artist has hung a handmade sign on the corner of Meserole and Humboldt in Brooklyn. This is her first piece of street art, and it reads: "A woman was raped by a stranger on this block. Please protect your friends, lover, sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, niece, cousin, neighbor, the woman you hear call for help late one night. 1 in 6 women in this country have been victims of rape or attempted rape. This needs to stop happening." The message is burned into a piece of wood, and surrounded by flowers made from cans.

Daily Science
More Star Births Than Astronomers Have Calculated

Daily BPAL

Chant D'Automne: The scent of the year's fall and the setting sun, ominous and foreboding: dried leaves, charred wood, blood musk, amber, khus, and Nicotiana tabacum.
In bottle: Khus, tabacum, blood musk.
On me: Very dark and rich. Amber shoots through like a shaft of sunlight.

Sticky Pillowcase: Smushed candy corn, rock candy dust, marshmallow gunk, strawberry goo, spun blue sugar, globs of salt water taffy, and lint.
In bottle: Aaaagh berry candy.
On me: All of the above. I smell like Willy Wonka.

To Autumn: Mist and mellow fruitfulness: mist-swirled, moss-covered bark and dry red leaves, apple pulp and knotty galangal, with poppy juice and nutmeat.
In bottle: More bark and leaves than fruit...
On me: Oh, hey, there's the apple. The other notes lend a bitterness.

Brom Bones: The butchest, manliest of musks covered in well-worn leather.
In bottle: Musk and saddle leather.
On me: Lovely, but not quite the OMG LEATHERSEX it's being hyped as. (See Spanked for that.)

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Long white nightie.
Reading: Surprised by God, by Danya Ruttenberg. And the pile of magazines that came while I was in Louisiana.
Writing: The Telenias's story, and dammit I have got to do the "Ondine" thing, hopefully today.
Planning: Hanging out with my comic dealer this afternoon (comic delivery + making sure the comics track at Arisia has everything it needs). Other than that, I actually have no weekend plans for once. All the better to rest up - next week's schedule is grueling.

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