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Hello to new readers crystal_star_ss and emmalyon!

Started to feel the ouch yesterday... hopefully that won't continue.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Large Fandom Collider update: biggest sponsorship is currently $50! If you want it, hit that PayPal button! Sponsorships are cumulative (this month, not this month + everything ever). And all sponsors get a coupon for free earrings with their next WS purchase.

Missing two the week before last means I'm doubling up today and tomorrow! And. Um. I would like to apologize fully and sincerely for the atrocity that will be the first WTD today, and I would like to note that it is entirely emilytheslayer's fault. SRSLY. But the second can serve as a palate cleanser.

Buy Electric Velocipede!
You can now order the issue of Electric Velocipede that I'll be in. Sure to be a collector's item! Okay, maybe not, but I'm seriously stoked to be in such company, and the cover's gorgeous. take a look, and pre-order today!

I have an idea that turns Katrina's story on its head. I kinda love it. This will be the Blogathon sponsors' temporary exclusive - it'll go up on the website eventually, but that'll be a while, as I'd like to get art for it.

You need a mask!
How about this one? If not, perhaps one of these?

Weeklong slumber party with kickass chosen-sister Gwyn has been wonderful. :) My birthmom's picking me up tonight, and I'll spend the last few days with her and her adorable dog. I will see Gwyn again at Thanksgiving, I know, but - I'll miss her like whoa. And her cats. So glad we got this time together!

I need a ride home from the airport Wednesday, 3:30pm. Anyone available?

Link Soup
* Bacon cinnamon rolls.
* Book art!
* New Mersenne prime number discovered!
* Abandoned cities.
* Wonderful XKCD today.
* Molasses gingerbread pigs.
* I always knew Splenda was toxic.
* Underwater lake.

Daily Science
Microphotography. Beautiful!

That awful WTD, a better WTD, laundry, packing, writing Katrina's story - as much of it as I can. I was supposed to be working on Ondine, but this one is eating my brain. So. Also I need to submit something somewhere, because I don't currently have anything out there and that's starting to make me twitch. And I desperately need to write a bio for Electric Velocipede.
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