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Happy birthday to jmspencer and fubar!

Happy early birthday to wispfox and sionainn, who advance a year over the weekend!

Holding steady, but feeling sluggish... need to get out walking more, but the heat is oppressive.

*ahem* "Twelve", my undead twelve dancing princesses poem, will be published in the next online edition of Cabinet des Fees, March 2009. (I read this one at my PiCon reading, I think.)

... *SQUEE*.

(This also means that I need to get off my ass and rewrite "Ondine" this week - can't have more poetry than stories out there, or people will think I'm a poet or something! Heh.)

Question for Bostonians
Anyone know anything about BostonCares?

* haikujaguar's having a print sale!
* More ViolentBelle! rikibeth, I see these zipper cuffs and choker and they scream your daughter's name to me. Elayna wears her Soulless Panda hairclip daily. Me, I am craving the Phoenix horns.

Link Soup, Political Edition
* Open letter from New York.
* Advice from Anne Lamott.
* The Great Shlep.
* Craig Ferguson re: McCain outright lying to Letterman and wanting to stop the democratic process.

Link Soup, Standard Edition
* Apply to the Evil League of Evil!
* DC Comics cancels its Minx line of YA graphic novels. Which sucks. There wa a lot of awesome stuff coming out of that line.
* Pirates duel with Phelps family. Yarr!

Daily Science
Astronomers have discovered a most bizarre celestial object that emitted 40 visible-light flashes before disappearing again. It is most likely to be a missing link in the family of neutron stars, the first case of an object with an amazingly powerful magnetic field that showed some brief, strong visible-light activity.<

Daily BPAL

Day of the Skulls: White sandalwood, beeswax, and frankincense crowned by hydrangea, rose, and kantuta blossoms, dressed with tobacco, cocoa leaves and flowers from the sacred Cactus of the Four Winds.
In bottle: Light pretty incense and beeswax.
On me: Floral without being cloying. Nice base.

The Shattered Pumpkin: Soil-covered crushed pumpkin, water-weeds, saddle-leather, and pine pitch.
In bottle: Pumpkin and a jostle of other notes.
On me: Something very green. The weeds, I guess. Weeds and a bit of pine pitch.

The School-House: Dandelion, white clover, balsam fir logs, and birchwood switches.
In bottle: Reedy high dandelion.
On me: Dandelion, but more muted than in other dandelion scents. Pinned by the clover.

The Goblin Rider: The scent of fear, and terrifying pursuit: wind-whipped, chilly night air, oppressive black pine, globs of dark opopponax, and bleak cedar, and distant, unreachable church incense.
In bottle: ...huh! There's something here I can't pinpoint. But it feels like a still moment in the night.
On me: Cedar and darkness and night air. I gotta score some of this.

Friday Memage
Wearing: cami/shorts pajamas, grey bordered in blue.
Reading: The new David Sedaris, and How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier.
Writing: WTD. Ondine, if I can get to it - why do I have such a mental block there?
Planning: Visiting LSU today; salsa dancing tonight. Block party tomorrow. Lunch with my birthmom and her friends on Sunday, and more exploring the French Quarter.

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