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Odin's Day

Hello to new reader adrianebrennan!

Aside from my voice still being totally wrecked... I'm okay. My legs are okay. Dude. I did take an extra Robaxin before bed, but I was still expecting a lot more stiffness. This is a pleasant surprise. Will take today easy anyway, just in case.

I chat with my daughter via GaiaOnline IM, and my husband through Kingdom of Loathing chat. This amuses me.

More from last night
* At one point, I flung my head back and my glasses slid right off my sweat-soaked nose and flew off my face. I spun and dropped to my hands and knees, and the guy behind me created a no-stomp zone with his arms - fortunately, the glasses were in said zone and I found them on the third wild grope. (Dark frames. Dark club. Bad combo.) He helped me up and made sure I was okay. Hadn't seen the glasses, just knew that I was down on the ground. People at Flogging Molly shows are gentlemanly like that.
* Dancing and bouncing with Gwyn and her friend was awesome.
* I kept stopping people to tell them how awesome their shirts were. This is not flirting! This is shirt appreciation!
* As we filed out post-show, one of the staff dudes tried to grab my cup of water. I placed keep-away. "Policy!" he shouted.
"It's water!" I shouted.
"Policy! You can't take it out!"
"I am dehydrated! I need water!"
And he grabs the cup, and I held onto it. He literally tried to yank it away. And I grabbed his hand and pulled it down, and I said "Sweetie, I am NOT lettin' go of this cup." And Gwyn nudged between us, and he let me go, because what was he going to do? And Gwyn's friend said "You fought the law, and you won!"
* "Black Friday Rule" was slowed down and almost meditative. So different! But we liked it.
* They played everything we wanted, all of our favorites. *bask*

Other Stuff
* I'm so accustomed to Disney's version of the French Quarter that I kept expecting to turn a corner and wind up on Main Street USA.
* The first thing I did in New Orleans was eat beignets and drink cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde, with a man playing jazz trumpet and singing right by our table. That and the unique architecture of the French Quarter, and - I was elsewhere Elsewhere from Boston. A different adjacent world.
* Five of Gwyn's six cats have accepted me as temporary denmate. I am officially the third person ever that Siobhan has allowed to touch her. Finnegan's still hiding.
* Sometime this week, I will eat fried alligator. And duck gumbo. And muffaletta. Sadly, my allergies prevent me from partaking in the crawfish etoufee. I did try a puppy drum. I'm still not quite sure what it was, but it was tasty.
* Dinner with my birthmom and her friends was most excellent, and we'll be getting together again for lunch on Sunday.

Things on my agenda for when I get home
* Must plan Elayna's Halloween LARP.
* Must start planning Thanksgiving.

Daily Science
New miniature image-capturing technology powered by water, sound, and surface tension could lead to smarter and lighter cameras in everything from cell phones and automobiles to autonomous robots and miniature spy planes.
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have designed and tested an adaptive liquid lens that captures 250 pictures per second and requires considerably less energy to operate than competing technologies.

WTD, then watching Heroes. Then, who knows? Maybe alligator.
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