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Tew's Day

Hello to new reader elizabeth_black!

I really overstressed my legs yesterday, but I had fun doing it. Today, I'm taking it easy - slept in and have been generally lounging about. Tonight's the Flogging Molly concert, and I need to be able to dance!

Link Soup - Political
* Miscellaneous awesome political links.
* Tell your congresscritters no on the proposed bailout.
* Read this whole thing; it's important.

Link Soup, Random
* Dear Bostonians, I want to go to this; come with me!
* SwapaDVD! Like PaperbackBookswap. But with DVDs.
* Gorgeous masks - the Gaselli Green one is the one I wore to SalonCon. You can get your own! (Spooky, look at the bat mask!)
* Wyrding Studios is having one of their Intermittent Mysteries. Sign up to get some pirate treasure!

Celebrity Championship Wrestling. Promo found here. Starring, among others, Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Dustin Diamond, Dennis Rodman, Frank Stallone, and Tiffany.

Daily Science
A team of physicists from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and the Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies in Nanoscience (IMDEA-Nanociencia) has created the “quantum stabilized atom mirror,” the smoothest surface ever, according to a recent article in Advanced Materials. The innovation is already being used in the design of the world's first atomic microscope.</i>

Going out for lunch with Gwyn. Going to Flogging Molly with Gwyn. In between, who knows?
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