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Weekend Miscellany

* I don't suppose anyone's crazy enough to haul me to the airport at six ack emma tomorrow, but if you are, ping me! Otherwise it's a cab.

* Yes, I have a crazy early flight. It's getting me to New Orleans nonstop, roundtrip for $200, so I'll deal; getting up early sucks less than changing planes. It is always good to know what sucks less.

* I get to hang out with gwynraven! And my birthmom! Tomorrow!

* What should I do/see in New Orleans/Baton Rouge?

* WTD will be posted by Adam in my stead, as I'll be AFK from this evening, mmm, probably til tomorrow evening.

* Packing is complicated.

* Hanging out with kythryne and Amy yesterday was great fun, as always, and I need to get Kyth's potato soup recipe!

* I can has my Large Fandom Collider earrings, and they're adorable. Also I can has this necklace, for the very fine price of my bottle of BPAL's Snow, Glass, Apples! That necklace had been haunting me since my birthday, when I almost bought it. It makes me happy. *pets necklace* A lot of my WS pieces are big and crazy, which I love. This one is understated and elegant, which I also love; this is one I can wear to formal occasions.

* No I watch last night's SNL with my husband before continuing Teh Packening.
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