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Happy birthday to the fabulous photognome!

Hello to new readers elaine_brennan and rhfay!

*wince* My blisters are open and oozy. Additional problem - they're on my heels, right above the calcaneous, so every time my ankles move, the tenuous scabs crack.

So. Ow.

Otherwise, mostly okay.

In a triad?
I have a friend who'd love to interview you! She says: "Not a V formation where polyamory is accepted but not shared by all parties, but a relationship where all points of the triangle are romantically engaged with one another...I'm working with John Bowe, journalist and author of Gig: Americans talk about their jobs, on a series about love. Simply put, he and I and a bunch of other journos are going to interview a bunch of people about what love is and means to them and how it is a part of their lives. Right now we're looking for people in a serious three-way relationship of the sort I mentioned above." One catch: must be American. Expats okay. Comment with your e-mail address, and I'll send it on to her.

Offloading Cognition onto Cognitive Technology
Interesting article here: And now the web, with its network of cognizers, digital databases and software agents, all accessible anytime, anywhere, has become our 'Cognitive Commons,' in which distributed cognizers and cognitive technology can interoperate globally with a speed, scope and degree of interactivity inconceivable through local individual cognition alone.

Link Soup
Today's link soup is roll-your-own. What stories have you seen that you want to broadcast to the world my readership at large? Post in comments!

Friday Memage!
Wearing: "I *heart* Consensual Sex" tee from CANOW (yes, lightcastle, I'll wear this for you when next I see you) and Happy Bunny pj bottoms. Hair is braided out of the way.
Reading: Charles Fort: The Man Who Invented the Supernatural, by Jim Steinmeyer.
Writing: It's just been WTD. I look forward to having some actual writing time on the plane on Monday.
Planning: Must find the new Yolen book (any local bookstore people know if you have it in stock?). WTD, of course. Usual errands, then the reading at 3. Date night with feste_sylvain.
Saturday we're going to hang out with Kyth & Amy. Sunday, I pack for my holy-crap week-and-a-half-long trip. Anyone in Louisiana other than Gwyn and my birthmom? Wanna do dinner?

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