Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

Happy birthday to auryn29a!

Hello to new reader tithenai!

Recovery continues apace. *nod*

Dear SalonCon Friends
Please send the pics taken at catvalente's room party to her!

Picture of the Day
Connecting the maps nex0s drew on us for a photo op: tithenai, shellefly, me, regyt.

I have that look on my face because hi, I am in a lovely position with shellefly there. But it was not That Kind of Party.

Meme from Azhure
If I were your Barbie for a day, how would you dress me, knowing what you know of my personality and tastes? Or based on how you picture me? Seriously, I'm really interested. How would you picture me? Tell me, tell me. Or even better, find an article of clothing that you'd put me in and link to it in the comments.

Link Soup
* ViolentBelle store update!
* Pre-order Cherie Priest's upcoming novels!
* Steampunk knitters, meet steampunk yarn.
* The lovely onezumi has a Lovecraftian horror comic here!
* Save Bitch!
* azhure's doing Tarot readings!

Link Soup - Science Edition
* The Hubble Telescope found.. something.
* New, really weird species of ant discovered. I mean really weird.
* Researchers have for the first time found that the neurotransmitter dopamine is central to the human brain network governing motivation and a sense of reward and pleasure—and that it changes with age. The finding could provide clues to healthy, happy aging and pave the way to new treatments for neurological disorders, including Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia as well as addictive behaviors from alcoholism and drug abuse to compulsive gambling.

Oh man, is today packed. Gotta vote, get to the post office/bank/library, do the BARCC workshop (this one is "Practicing Prevention")... and it doesn't make sense to go home between that (ending at 2 near Park Street Station) and Diesel (late afternoon/early evening in Davis Square), so I'll bring the laptop to Diesel and see about getting some work done there. I'll see if I have time to write WTD before I have to run for the bus, but if not, you'll get it this afternoon from Diesel.

EDIT: Yeah, no time, gotta run - will write/post it this afternoon, sorry!
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