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This is the generation gap, right here.

Elayna, age 13, playing Disgaea on the PS2: "You know what I hate about mages? They can only use staves."
Me: "You really should be playing Dungeons & Dragons. It's just like your Gaia Online roleplaying, but it's tabletop, so you can play with your friends."
Elayna: "Huh! Okay. Where do you get Dungeons & Dragons?"
Me: "Adam's office."
Elayna: "Yeah but - do you download it to your computer? Or what game system is it on?"
Me, slowly: "It's... tabletop."
Elayna: "I do not know what that means."
Me: *blinks* "You... play it at the table."
Elayna: *blinks*


I have explained D&D and other tabletop RPGs to her. She allows as how this sounds like fun, and indeed very much like what she and her friends do at slumber parties already, but with more treasure, and would like to try it.


Right there? Where there are thirteen-year-olds, with gamer parents yet, who do not get that RPGs can be played offline/offPlayStation? That is a generation gap. Wow.
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