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What I Wore
Day: plain black skirt and top, but oh! wonderful deep red corset by ysobelle with ribbons that trailed nearly to the floor. Want to keep a Shadesong amused for hours? Give her ribbons. I am like four years old. And mostly feline. Anyway, the corset, as previously mentioned, is beautiful and cups my hips perfectly, and I think ysobelle's marketing plan consisted largely of calling out "look at Shadesong's ass!", because damn, that corset did great things for my hips and ass.

Evening: Deep green Moresca dress (from dark_blade's wedding - best bridemaid dress evar!), and green-and-black Brute Force corset - which was very nice, but did not follow my curves as well as the ysobelle corset.

All hats by Victorian Trading Company. All jewelry by Wyrding Studios, except the gear earrings, which were by Sihaya Designs. All boots (okay, there was only one pair of boots) by Fluevog.

Beautiful leather mask by ioianthe - Emily took pictures! It's green with accents of gold and silver, and intricate scrollwork, and it fits around my glasses. That's right - ioianthe can make masks that fit around glasses. She also made Emily's clockpunk mask. You need a mask. You might not know it yet, but you need a mask.

Seldom-seen (I need to plan my hair better!) horns by ViolentBelle, who also makes the awesomest little hats ever, among other stuff.

What I Did
catvalente's reading and fiannaharpar's Household Arts class were the only things I really planned around - I'd planned to be at Cat's salon, but overnapped and caught only the end. Otherwise, I just went with the flow, which turned out to be an excellent decision. I wandered hallways and hung out and met shiny new people all day long. :) Evening had some annoyance factor due to things starting very late, but catvalente's room party was great great fun - silly music and lovely women and a guy with a tube of tea on his back that he dispensed with a nozzle, and pomegranate seeds and the drawing of maps and drunken Cossack dancing. Demented. Loved it.

The One Person You Must Know any event, is sunspiral, because he will catch you by the shoulder or call to you across the room all event long - "Have you met tithenai?" "You know thewronghands, right?" "I don't think you've met nex0s yet." Thanks, sunspiral!

Side Note
Everyone I met was beautiful, seriously. fiannaharpar in particular needs a new LJ icon with her hair down, because it's gorgeous. I wandered in a perpetual state of "Oooh, shiny!"

What Sucked

* Policies that were passed by word of mouth instead of posted on the website. Turns out that, despite the "18+ Only!" all over their site, I could have brought Elayna to the con and just signed something acknowledging that she might see someone's boob or something. When I said "Um, seriously? Because your website says no very clearly," I was told "I think it's on the LJ community somewhere." Um. FAIL. You need to post your policies on your website. And that is but one example, but as it caused Elayna to miss seeing her favorite writer and also more than one friend, it's a biggie for me.
* Space. The hotel is just fine, save for the incessant beeping of the front-door alarm - but the con was confined to a single hallway. This con needs more than one hallways. Wasn't too problematic in the morning, but by the evening it was impassible on a level more commonly seen at DragonCon. Doesn't need an entire hotel... just more than one hallway.
* There was no signage, causing at least one friend to pass by the registration table completely. There were no programs until later in the afternoon.
* Waitstaff at the sole restaurant was... laconic.
* Please do not invite that "burlesque" troop back.
* Please have a functional sound system. I'd love to hear an Abney Park mp3 at some point so I can hear what the band actually sounded like.

But Really...
Like I said in my morning post, that's all newish-con growing-pains stuff, which can be overcome. It's telling that despite the upfuckery, I really had a fantastic time and look forward to going next year, hopefully with spending money! Every con has its own culture, and SalonCon is filled to the brim with shiny happy people who were all very welcoming. That is what counts. *nod*

EDIT: Also, Monkey rightly points out that Ash was steampunk before steampunk was cool.

Also EDIT:
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