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Happy birthday to volta!

Hello to new readers blackpaladin, nex0s, the0phrastus, thewronghands, and ysobelle!

A bit achy and stiff yesterday, but not generally above a 6. It was the exhaustion that bitchslapped me, but that's to be expected when you don't get to bed til after 4 AM. *headdesk* Yes, catvalente's party was awesome, but dude, I need to start wearing a watch or something. I'd napped earlier in the day so I could get to the party in the first place (and the masked ball, and the concert, et cetera); the nap itself wasn't terribly long, but it took me a bit to recover from it. So Saturday was one of those days that felt like it was two days.

SalonCon overall
More in-depth post coming, but - loved seeing existing friends and making new ones, and had quite a bit of fun. Con management is deeply flawed. But I think the con can recover, and hope that it does.

Special thanks to emilytheslayer and lynxreign for letting me carpool down there with them, and fiannaharpar and blackpaladin for being kickass roommates (Fianna, let me know what I owe you!), and blackpaladin also for fronting me corset money, and murnkay for making sure I napped.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Week Three and Week Four of my collaboration with Wyrding Studios have settled into themes of a sort - this week's prompts are silly. Made entirely out of silly and wacky.

For the New Kids: A brief history of Wind Tunnel Dreams. For everyone: A view of how WTD has morphed for me.

I'd been working on Shayara with an off-and-on artist who turned out to be more off than on; she scarpered for the last time this fall. This got me a bit depressed, as Shayara's my great big life's-project. So I decided to stretch my brain by writing in a different world every day of last November, guided by reader prompts. I slapped a PayPal button on each post, which came in handy when my cat got sick - WTD money paid for Max's pricey surgery (he's fine now). And it became a way for unemployed-for-medical-reasons me to financially contribute to my household for the first time in almost two years. And I enjoyed it.

I didn't do WTD in December, but found that I missed it - so I announced that I'd do it again in 2008. Not every day, because that'd burn me out right quick. But as a seven-part story written over the first seven days of the month. This has had variable results. I've turned out stuff I love, stuff I like, and stuff I was kinda meh on. And the format has slid. I've found myself writing stuff in my existing worlds (Shayara's "What makes $HOUSE the way it is?", Places You Haunt's prequel), which is something I deliberately didn't do last November. I've varied the length of the WTD blocks, because I was feeling like I wasn't getting a weekend. I skipped a month due to Blogathon, as raising money for BARCC was more important than raising money for me.

And I'd been burning out on it, having a strong case of the don't-wannas. I like working within structures imposed by format - I find that my brain likes guidelines. (Sestina about particle physics in thirty minutes: go!) But I was chafing under the seven-part-short-story format. Doesn't work for me. I do my best writing when I sit down and write til I'm done, not just "okay, that's a chunk - I'll come back to it tomorrow."

It's an experiment, though. Experiment in process. And I have given myself permission to change the rules when the rules break the game, and I have given myself permission to stop when it stops being fun. And it was not being fun.

The collaboration with Kythryne has made it fun again, and that's why - when I was saying "I think I need to stop doing this" - I suddenly reversed and said "I'm going to do this four times as much as in past months." WTD isn't worth it if I resent it. I don't resent it anymore.

So what's to come of WTD? Continuing my collaboration with Kyth, every weekday this month. I have thoughts for a Halloween WTD - last week of October, then skip November, and do one in midDecember. Then perhaps the chapbook. But that's all subject to change.

In the meantime, enjoy what I'm writing, and I'll enjoy writing it. Toss some coffee money my way if you feel like it - coffee money adds up to paying for things like Elayna's summer camp, class trips, and the like, and my monthly meds (~$200, ouch) and treats to myself. Comments are love - one of the reasons I post here is because I love the conversations.

I'll stop babbling now. Clearly, I need more coffee.

Mail Call
Got my custom necklace from sihaya09 - I love the barter economy! Sihaya, just ping me when you want me to write for you. And got sageautumn's check and the BPAL Dia de los Muertos shirts.

Daily Science
A Florida State University researcher who uses high-powered computers to map the workings of proteins has uncovered a mechanism that gives scientists a better understanding of how evolution occurs at the molecular level. Such an understanding eventually could lead to the development of new and more effective antiparasitic drugs.

Today's the 15th - that means bill-paying and errands. WTD will happen after that. And then housework stuffs. My life is so exciting, I know.

This week is busy-ish in the daytime, thanks to BARCC - workshop downtown tomorrow at a high school, and tabling at Bentley on Wednesday. Anyone here go to Bentley? If so, stop by! Tuesday evening is Diesel,of course; I'll bring my laptop there and hang out instead of going home from the workshop. Wednesday night is a school thing. Thursday and Friday are actually free. I'm spending the weekend with feste_sylvain, and will be hanging out with kythryne again, yay. :)

A week from today, I'm going to Louisiana for the first time! (No more hurricanes plzkthx.) So this week will be packed with Getting Shit Done Before Trip.

So hey. How's by you?
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