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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to bunny_sonatas!

Hello to new readers puffbird and wrdnrd!

I had an unexpected four-hour nap yesterday afternoon - getting caught up on my overexertion of the weekend/Monday/Tuesday, I think. Hopefully I'll be functional today.

My problem: I have submission-ready material, and don't know where to submit it, and have felt too damn busy to sit down with it and my list of potential markets and correlate. I wish I could hire a short-story agent. And pay them in cookies.

The Fall Out Boy mixtape is making me want to do a mixtape, but with my writer friends. Have you seen this thing? It's basically a sampler of stuff from their new album, but also a bunch of stuff from their friends. So I kinda wanna do a one-shot zine in that format - just us, bunch of stories and poetry, some collaborations. Fun to distribute to friends and scatter on freebie tables at cons. I have no idea if anyone's actually interested in that.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Still need about $15 to get Elayna's trips covered. *nods*

Tuesday's was very impact-y, so my writerbrain took Tuesday and yesterday to be silly. Today's won't be silly, I think.

Check out the bonus shinies sponsors get with their next Wyrding Studios purchase!

* How it works.
* How we know it's safe.

Link Soup
* HBO has exercised its option on George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series.
* hughcasey has rounded up some good political links.
* Torchwood fans: did you catch the radio special?
* I like Stephen King's National Book Award acceptance speech.

Daily Science
The detection of extra dimensions beyond the familiar four—the three dimensions of space and one of time—would be among the most earth-shattering discoveries in the history of physics. Now scientists at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill., are designing a new experiment that would investigate tantalizing hints that extra dimensions may indeed exist.

Last year researchers involved in Fermilab’s MiniBooNE study, which detects elusive subatomic particles called neutrinos, announced that they had found a surprising anomaly. Neutrinos, which have no charge and very little mass, form out of nuclear reactions and particle decays. They come in three types, called flavors—electron, muon and tau—and oscillate wildly from one flavor to another as they travel along. While observing a beam of muon neutrinos generated by one of Fermilab’s particle accelerators, the MiniBooNE researchers found that an unexpectedly high number of the particles in the low-energy range (below 475 million electron volts) had transformed into electron neutrinos. After a year of analysis, the investigators have failed to come up with a conventional explanation for this so-called low-energy excess. The mystery has focused attention on an intriguing and very unconventional hypothesis: a fourth kind of neutrino may be bouncing in and out of extra dimensions.

Same as yesterday, really. But also! Date night with feste_sylvain. :)
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