Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

WTD, PYH, so many acronyms!

Today's project: the piece that links last month's Places You Haunt prequel to where the story begins, Doodle and Sara meeting and becoming family. All of last month's WTD sponsors get it. If you sponsored me in the past and want it, you also can has. Just give me your e-mail address in this here poll. I don't want to spam every sponsor ever, you know! :)

I am a past WTD sponsor, and I want the PYH storybit, please! Here is my e-mail address.

Tell me a secret.

The "tell me a secret" one is just reflex for me. I love my little secret polls.

Otherwise, it's just weirdly quiet here without Miss Kid. I have set myself a goal, though, and a reward for when I finish. I've also gotten my daily exercise - walked to/from the library. With 8 hardcover books on the way back, so my legs and shoulders ache - no Wii Fit today. Wii Fit tomorrow. Always Wii Fit tomorrow.

Kyth and I have broken the prompts down into five a week, but we have no set-in-stone order - so I'm trying to alternate the wistful ones with the silly ones so I don't have y'all in the doldrums for days on end. I like it when I get to be silly.
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