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Two years later, Emory Healthcare's labyrinthine system of pure bullshit still has the power to reduce me to angry frustrated helpless tears.

I faxed the request for my mammogram films/records a month and a half ago. It took three different departments for me to get "we're backlogged, and if you want the films, you need to talk to department X"; Department X snottily informed me that that wasn't their job and referred me to Department Y, who snotted at me for sending my request to the wrong department (dude, I did exactly what they told me to do, and I told them what I needed) and said the best she could do was mail me the form, since I don't have a fax machine (couldn't e-mail a PDF). All along the way, unhelpfulness and obstruction and bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, and this is the shit that drove me half crazy 2003-2006.

I just want to never have to deal with Emory Healthcare again. How can I make that happen?

Also, I kinda really wanted the box checked on my letter from Mount Auburn Radiology to be "normal" or "probably benign", and it's not, and I do not like that one bit.

EDIT: Heard back from my primary care doc, who got a more detailed report; he says they didn't see anything that outright looked malignant, but they are reserving judgment until they see my previous films and compare. I'd just like to hear "oh yeah, you're fine, don't worry" about something at some point in my life, you know?
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