Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Can those of you in Gustav's projected path say hey so I have a list to check against after it passes?

I have hurricane fear. *sits quietly* I worry. About everyone.

Category 4 now; mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. My birthmom lives in a suburb of New Orleans that got pounded pretty hard by Katrina. I've e-mailed asking if she's leaving. Will call her tomorrow. (EDIT: She's staying with a friend in Alabama.) gwynraven's planning on sitting it out in Baton Rouge.

So yes. Let me know if you should be on my worry-list, please and thank you. Candles will be lit.

Today was an excellent day otherwise. Sekrit costuming plans and sekrit-ish WTD plans continue apace. Got some more Blogathon artifact storybits done. After I finish those, and while I'm doing this week's WTD, I have to write the Doodle-meeting-Sara PYH-WTD bonus. Then the Shayara Blogathon sponsor bonus. Unless I hit Thursday first. Thursday's my first day back on schedule - Elayna's first day back at school. On Thursday, I need to jump into time-sensitive projects.

Figured out part of why I've been having such difficulty getting around to finishing the WTD stuff. It's because it's all of such a bleak future. 50 pieces of darkness with only intermittent light. I need more light than that. I thought I'd be humorously misinterpreting earth culture - but I made the character a psychometrist, so she reads true things. Well, except for the baseball game. Maybe. So I have war and famine and whatnot.

Need more light.

Kyth and I chose a few prompts specifically for their humor value. So yay.

Now, bed.
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