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Happy birthday to bahtswana and my fabulous e-daughter zarhooie!

Happy early birthday to corrguineacht and rhicat, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader ioianthe!

Recovering from Wednesday's leg-overstress, still, but doing so on schedule.

Wired_Lizard is moving on Monday. And doesn't have a truck, because everyone else is moving Monday, too. So if you can help her, please please do. Especially if you have a large vehicle.

I posted a poll last night. Let me know if you're going! Also if you have room in your car for me or me + Elayna. (Does anyone know if there's a train or something that can get us there, if no one's driving from Boston to Somerset?)

Picture of the Day
This one. Hey, lordrexfear, how do I grab a copy of that? (Also an icon of my part!)

Link Soup
* Six office supply fetishes of the future. I want these now, please.
* Pushing Daisies: The Pie Hole is touring ten cities! Boston isn't one of them, sadly.

Daily Science
After six Nobel Prizes, the invention of the transistor, laser and countless contributions to computer science and technology, it is the end of the road for Bell Labs' fundamental physics research lab.

Alcatel-Lucent, the parent company of Bell Labs, is pulling out of basic science, material physics and semiconductor research and will instead be focusing on more immediately marketable areas such as networking, high-speed electronics, wireless, nanotechnology and software.


Friday Memage!
Wearing: Little yellow nightie.
Reading: The Procrastinating Child: A Handbook for Adults to Help Children Stop Putting Things Off, by Rita Emmett. Oh yeah. It's Back-to-School.
Writing: Finishing off little bits and bobs so I can focus on the bigger things. Blogathon shorts. PYH bonus for August's Wind Tunnel Dreams sponsors. Shayara exclusive for Blogathon sponsors.
Planning: Going to kythryne's tomorrow to work work work (and also have fun!). Fiendish just-hatched plans will be urged along. There will be much giggling. But also writing. Sunday is Elayna's back-to-school gaming party.

Part of Saturday's revelry? Kyth and I will be selecting prompts for next week's Wind Tunnel Dreams/Wyrding Studios joint project. Your prompt could be chosen! If it is, it'll be spun into a story and a beautiful piece of jewelry, most likely a pendant or earrings. All WTD jewelry will go on sale Friday, September 5. And all WTD sponsors get a coupon to get a free shiny with their next Wyrding Studios order; said shiny will also be based on a prompt, and will come with its own story. And that free shiny will be related to a more lavish shiny created from the same prompt - which will go to my highest sponsor.

Today's your last chance to give us writing prompts! There are some awesome ones there already, but we can always use more. So prompt us here. And check out Kyth's work. (Update tonight at 8!)

So. What are you up to?
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