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Well. That explains that, a bit.

The reason Elayna was having an unfamiliar problem with her flute?

It's an unfamiliar flute.

Specifically, it's the backup flute wytchchyld gave her.

Why is she using the backup flute?

Because her usual flute, the one that cost me a shitload of money?

Is missing.

Presumed left-at-school.


This is the place in the conversation where Mommy gets very, very quiet.

*deep breath*

I have e-mailed the band teacher, asking him if he knows offhand if she left it (it has a nametag) or if he could look, should he be back in the bandroom already (school starts a week from tomorrow).

I have sent the child to go put her clean clothes away.

I am going to take a walk.
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