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Tew's Day

Hello to new readers jarien, ktpinto, lordrexfear, saraphina_marie, and terri_osborne!

I slept most of yesterday. Which helped. This made me miss my neuropsych evaluation, where we were going to evaluate just how much function I've lost for my disability claim...

You would think that, when evaluating short-term memory loss patients, they'd give a freakin' reminder call. I'm just sayin'.

So I have to call today and reschedule that. And I think that, in the future, I really need to actively schedule myself a day or two off post-Con.

Picture of the Day

"The Fun Side of Supercooling" - best Saturday 10 AM panel evar. Yes, that's Elayna playing with dry ice. Another picture here, where she's dripping the vapor out of measuring cups and I'm looking on all hair pulled back and undercaffeinated.

Many other pictures here, including Volunteer Coordinator zarhooie, aka my internet daughter, and two pics of tisana bellydancing in her version of Mandalorian armor.

Link Soup
* Veronica Mars movie?
* Vote AV Flox for hottest female blogger!
* Quite possibly my favorite Craigslist ad ever.
* Send Night Shade Books your tired, your undead, your masses yearning to eat brains.

Daily Science
Astronomers have found the most massive distant cluster of galaxies yet seen. A search of the rest of the sky for such objects could help measure the lumpiness of the universe and the effects of dark energy, the mysterious entity that is causing space to expand ever faster.

Plans (for this week)
Writing goal: Have all of the remaining Blogathon flash fiction done and posted on Never Silent by the end of the week; print out and mail all story cards by Monday. Submit at least one thing this week.
Kid goals:
* Help kid get her back-to-school gaming party planned (invites should go out today, it's Sunday afternoon, if you're local and have kids, they're invited, and it's also a Zlanarama jewelry party, so send 'em with their back-to-school accessory budget!).
* Help kid get her school supplies organized in her new backpack.

* Make sure kid cleans her flute so we can tell if that problem with the D and E is something that requires a professional, or if it's just the result of that flute sitting around all summer with spit from June in it.
* Figure out what the hell to do with that massive hutch. If anyone's looking to buy a big light-wood desk with hutch, let me know. It just crowds the space she's in, and a minimalist desk with a file cabinet and some corkboards would suit her needs and her office nook better.

Have house goals, but won't bore you with 'em.

Diesel attendance tonight depends on how much I get done today, writingwise. I have 15 flash pieces to write, so let's try 5 a day.

Other thing going on in my world: my favorite aunt had a gall bladder attack and is in surgery today. Her daughter's on her way up. Mom says don't go, because it's a schlep and my cousin will be there. But I'm feeling the ache of not-going. My cousin has my phone number, and I've told her to call me if she needs anything. I can take bedside shifts. Yeah, it's not just down the block, but I can take a bus there.

Hopefully I can parlay this frustration and worry into Getting Shit Done. It's possible.
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