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OMGholycow, My daughter has been published! We did the dance of joy. :) This is the bonus that Gojirawitz Girls Challenge sponsors got, the one I referred to at the Blogging 101 panel.

"She is blood. She is fire. She is an upcoming disaster."

My daughter is made of win and awesome.

Happy birthday to felisdemens and marajs!

Hello to new readers farceur_rouge, ktpinto, l33tminion, and onezumi!

Pretty tired and a bit achy. I did not require the use of my cane this weekend!

Fairwood Press Sale!
Support your small presses! And get awesome deals! tbclone47 says: "Starting now, in the wee hours of the morning, until after midnight on Monday, just place an order for any book on the Fairwood site (whether it's available now or whether it's preorder only), and get a 2nd book of your choice for just $9, no extra postage. (Sorry...the book of your choice for $9 can't be the limited hardcover Last Flight of the Goddess.) Simply order the first book, and pay accordingly, via Paypal. The shipping charge will be added for that book. Then Paypal me $9 separately to patrick at fairwoodpress dot com with a note about the 2nd book you'd like. Make sure I can connect you to whatever book you bought initially. Then...I mail both books your way. Simple!

And what the heck. While I'm at TWO books, regular price, get TWO extra books for $18. Buy THREE books, regular price, get THREE extra books for $27. Again, just mention in the Paypal comment box the titles of the sale books you would like. Considering most of these books are cover priced at $17-18, that's a good deal."

Fairwood's got some awesome stuff, too. Go shop!

Link Soup
* The short bus of social interactivity.
* Fun interview with Mary Doria Russell.
* New issue of Behind the Wainscot, with work by catvalente, barthanderson, squirrel_monkey, markteppo, rachel_swirsky, and many other nifty people.
* How does it feel to die?

Daily Science
Forget 9-volts, AAs, AAAs or D batteries: The energy for tomorrow's miniature electronic devices could come from tiny microbatteries about half the size of a human cell and built with viruses.

MIT engineers have developed a way to at once create and install such microbatteries -- which could one day power a range of miniature devices, from labs-on-a-chip to implantable medical sensors -- by stamping them onto a variety of surfaces.

In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) the week of Aug. 18, the team describes assembling and successfully testing two of the three key components of a battery. A complete battery is on its way.

Oy. I'm still in my nightgown. I ought to get back on the Wii Fit. I also ought to write the stuff I was supposed to write last week. Summer's lack of structure has not been beneficial to me. Tonight, we go for gelato, because that's the tradition when someone in this family gets published. :)

She was so excited. She just flew down the stairs... "Mommy! They published 'Fire Blessing'!" Whee. :)

(Elayna says "Hi, Internets!")
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