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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to jennifer!

Hello to new reader medalline!

Not bad. GI tract is settling down, I'm not too achy, I got adequate sleep last night.

Are on the Cape with Elayna; for my health and sanity, I stayed here. I think things will be fine when they return tomorrow, and I'll have limited time with them on Friday.

So at Target and the mall the other day, I saw charm bracelet after charm bracelet, big plastic jewelry after big plastic jewelry, and I said to myself, "Self? Zlanarama does that best, is totally affordable, and is generally awesome."

Awesome back-to-school look. Elayna owns and loves that bracelet. Give your money to indie crafters, not Claire's Boutique!

Also Shiny!
Kythryne's looking for jewelry-party hosts in the New England area! She will travel pretty far. And I can attest that hosting a jewelry party is fun and low-impact, and she gives awesome hostess gifts.

Free Will Astrology
Uncle Rob says: "'The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions,' said British writer Antony Jay. If you'd like to be in close alignment with cosmic rhythms, Pisces, you will keep that meditation in the foreground of your awareness. Your imagination will be extraordinarily fertile in the coming week, and I can't think of a better way to deploy it than to smoke out and lovingly annihilate the lazy, useless, and just plain bad questions that are threatening to lead you and others astray."

Link Soup
* From ChronicBabe: Self-care tips and promises to make.
* Disney princess in Sin City style.
* upstart_crow would like your help compiling a list of mentally-ill characters from literature written before 1920.

Daily Science
A new study of the ribosome, the cell's protein-building machinery, sheds light on the oldest branches of the evolutionary tree of life and suggests that differences in ribosomal structure between the three main branches of that tree are "molecular fossils" of the early evolution of protein synthesis.

I have the whole day to myself. Awesome.
* Breaking in the Wii Fit.
* Writing: focus is on "Ondine", which needs a new name, too.
* Filing and general office stuff.
* Reading.

I'm going to try not touching e-mail today, as it's a tremendous time-suck. I give myself office hours. *nod*
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