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Dear parents,

When we see each other, you stuff me like a foie gras goose. One rich, excessive meal is fine. But when you do it at every meal, it makes me sick. Not metaphorically. I am nauseated. I am having abdominal pains.

When I say "I cannot eat at this restaurant", I am not being a prima donna. I am pointing out that this restaurant does not have any fucking vegetables, and I cannot have another meal of duck and/or pasta with goopy sauce.

I am not kidding about not having any vegetables. No. Vegetables. Nary a green bean in sight.

Parents, I am trying very fucking hard to be healthy. It is difficult. It requires a constant balancing act. You have me sleepdepped, overexercised, literally falling down stairs, and on a diet that is making me sick to my stomach.

Saying "You should've eaten better at lunch" is not helpful. Especially since you saw me order and eat yasai yaki soba for lunch, with whole wheat noodles and veggies. Something in it set me off *anyway*. Sometimes even when I do everything right to the best of my knowledge and ability, my body still reacts poorly. I'm trying.

I have to fight with myself at every meal. I have to fight with Elayna at every meal these days. Fighting with you, too, is a little too much.

Also, please note that since this food plan is new - as is paying attention to what makes me feel sicker - I do not know what I can eat at any given place, and that therefore letting me Google a menu before we leave might be a smart move.

Also also, you are not allowed to bitch about how fat I am and still continue to bring me only to restaurants where there is no option that is not high-fat and high-calorie. Muttering darkly at me when I say that I really need to be having a salad instead is the icing on the cake, and we both know I should not be having that cake.

In frustration,

PS: If you are serious about sleep-depped ouchy me having to sleep on a sofabed for two nights, I would rather not go to the Cape.

PPS: Dear vegetable-free restaurant: WTF?

EDIT: Adam discussed my food limitations with them over dinner. Also the fact that this was new. Et cetera. And Dad brought up the idea of me not going to the Cape, and taking those few days to recover; he also brought up the point that my aunt eats crap food. So. I might get out of the sofabed portion of this week's festivities. Unfortunately, it's a choice between sofabed and not feeling well in general vs. seeing my aunt and the Cape. It's a choice I'll have to sleep on. (And if I don't make up some of last night's sleepdep tonight, the choice is made for me.) We shall see.

Parts of today were good. Parts of today were made of fail.Elayna's hormonal drama queening isn't helping matters. Same with Mom getting fussy about Thursday dinner plans involving one extra person, when we've told her several times that a friend from out of town is crashing with us. Same with the first restaurant we tried not having anyone to seat us, though we waited extensively. Sleeping on everything is the best possible plan.
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