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Stuff I gotta write: remainder of August edition

* Finish artifact stories.
* Write Shayara exclusive for Blogathon sponsors
* Write Places You Haunt exclusive short-short for WTD patrons
* Major surgery on "Ondine"
* Adapting "Clever Vasilissa" to comic script

...and Places You Haunt, of course.

We'll see how much of this gets done, with parental presence, PiCon, and another week before school begins, possibly including travel. But that's the ideal. If I can bust out a few artifact stories a day this upcoming week, I'll consider myself on track. Adapting CV shouldn't be too difficult or time-consuming. And with what I'm doing to "Ondine" - if I can ship Miss Kid off to a friend's house for a day, I think I can get most of that done all at once. The PYH WTD exclusive will only take an hour. The Shayara story is mostly just a choice of what story to tell. Maybe finishing Katrina's, since I have to do that anyway.

It's doable.
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