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Life with 'song and Elayna

On the way home from Il Capriccio:

Me, having had the braised rabbit pappardelle: *eyes Elayna mischievously* I ate a bunny.
Elayna, scandalized: Mommy!
Me: I did. He was yummy.
Adam: Mommy had rabbit. She didn't eat a bunny.
Me: Well, it was not a dwarf lop-eared... thing. But it was a bunny.
Elayna: Mommy, that's awful.
Me: No, no. It was a very bad bunny, you see. Had the death penalty. Found guilty in a jury of his peers.
Elayna, slightly mollified: Well, that's all right. *pauses* Now I'm thinking about bunny lawyers.
Me: We should eat them, too.

This devolved into multiple attempts to sing "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" where the bunny's penalty for bopping the field mice on the head was being eaten by Mommy, braised, with some very tasty pappardelle, but we gigglefitted for about ten minutes instead.

Adam's mom: Souffle di Porcini
Adam: Three Fish Salads: Gravlax, Tuna Tartare and Scallop Ceviche
Me: Souffle di Porcini
Elayna: Steamed P.E.I. Mussels, White Wine, Scallion and Pear Tomato

Adam's mom: Braised Beef Short Rib on Soft Polenta
Adam: Veal Scallopine with Crisp Prosciutto, Marsala, Wild Mushrooms and White Beans
Me: Vermont Raised Braised Rabbit Pappardelle
Elayna: Sauteed Sea Scallops, Stewed Lentils, Balsamic and Dried Cherries

Adam's mom and me: Caramelized Mission Figs and Honey Ice Cream
Adam: Peach and Blueberry Crostata with Vanilla Ice Cream
Elayna: Flourless Chocolate Torta with Strawberry Creme Fraiche

So full. That's the food-coma meal of the week.
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