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Attention wonderful people!

haikujaguar's one-card draw is open! Go get a card. I'll post mine when she draws it.

"Suggested Use
1. As a theme for meditation or exploration.

2. As a reflection of your past month.

3. As a reflection of your coming month.

4. As a way for the Universe to tell you what it needs from you."

My card!

You and Orchards, shadesong. You got one of those the very first time we did this, didn't you?

In this case, your Orchard is huge... and fruiting. Well, most of it. It's a wild kind of place, with all sorts of different trees in every state of growth, but a lot of them are ready for harvest right now. Frankly I have no idea how you keep track of it all. In fact, I suspect you can't. And there's no one one lone storyteller-you is going to be able to go through them all and pluck the ripe things.

Some of these trees I think you'll have to get other people to handle. And if they don't show up and help, well... there are other trees in the Orchard. Other trees you're just not going to be able to get to on your own, not fast enough. You'll have to let those go, too. Think of it as compost for next year.

Choose the best trees. You only have so much energy and time before they're past your touch. Be okay with the fact that some of the bounty isn't going to wind up in your basket. You are blessed in how much you've got growin'-on. What you can comfortably pick is all that you should be concerned with... all the rest, let it go.
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