Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

I swear this is the last I type about this tonight.

Went up and had a good bedtime talk with her. Told her that I knew I had been less than persistent on the nutrition thing in the past, but that I'm less fried and now more capable of sticking to my guns, and that I want her to be healthy. I listed a few people she knows and likes who have health issues stemming from food stuff, and I rattled off a few suggestions. Told her that I want this to be teamwork - that I want her to be an equal partner in this rather than having me say "you will eat this or else".

And she was receptive. So we'll see.

I think this went kablam to this extent because we hadn't been up each other's noses about it in months, what with her being at Explo. Also because, as I said elsecomment, whenever the choice is between something that's difficult-but-good-for-my-health and easy-but-bad-for-my-health, it ends up being the latter, and dude, I'm sick of being sick. So having her stonewall us re: dinner for the second night in a row and knowing it would continue, and basically being told that we would be having food that makes my health worse because Elayna was in a mood and also that Elayna would not have to eat a veggie because she was in a mood... it can set one off, you know?

And that is it for now, as I am just staring tiredly at the screen.
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