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Tew's Day

Hello to new reader nola_lola!

Okay, those healing blisters were not ready to be walked on extensively just yet. *wince*
Unrelated: I woke up... not long ago. That's more sleeping in than I've done in a long time.

Cyberfunded Creativity
Thanks for the Wind Tunnel Dreams donations! Will continue today, though my mind is still warring over how - few different directions I could go. Will decide during shower, like always.

Other cyberfunded creativity: ysabetwordsmith is having a poetry fishbowl today. And are you reading haikujaguar's Admonishments of Kherishdar? You should be. The flip side to the Aphorisms, and the lead-in to her next novel...

Other Opportunities for Interactivity
* hammercock wants something very specific for her birthday: "What I want for my birthday is for you all to do something life-affirming. Something that celebrates love, joy, wonder...something, anything, that makes you happy. And then I want you to tell me about it."
* bleemoo is holding a very specific haiku contest.

Link Soup
* Classy, China. Real classy.
* Tilapia is Bad For You, especially if you have asthma, autoimmune diseases, or anything involving inflammation. Which sucks, as tilapia was one of the very few fish that I could actually stomach.
* I would like a top hat.

Daily Science
Fermilab says: "Hey wait, we're in the Higgs hunt, too!"

I kinda wanna have a party on September 10 to celebrate the LHC going online. I am a dork.

Shower. Hot shower. Why is it winter in August?
WTD. Olympics. Stuff I didn't get done yesterday.
Diesel tonight! Was in Vegas last week, will be in Cape Cod next week. So I ought to go tonight.
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