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There are - *checks userinfo* - almost 1,100 of you.

I never get used to that. I've met a few hundred of you (yes, really, a few hundred). There are about 100-200 of you that comment regularly. Not always the same few hundred; I have gotten to know a bunch of you that I've never met pretty well over LJ. (Yay!)

And I always feel guilty when I don't get around to checking out the new people who add me. And if they don't comment a lot, I don't really get to know them.

I know. That's life. But, as I was saying to Joe over dinner last week, everyone has stories. Everyone is full of stories. People fascinate me.

So tell me about yourself. Your name, your quest, your favorite color. The book that changed your life. The music that forms your personal soundtrack. Post your picture. Tell me about your cat. Compose random haiku. Have fun.

Party in my comments, and you're all invited!
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