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Happy birthday to bitsyboo!

Hello to new readers angie_di, j_d_finch, jetshade, and ksanac!

Much better than anticipated, really. Enforcing rest in Vegas after that first day was what I needed, apparently. Next time, I must remember to pace myself.

Did have an Episode of the tachycardia last night - fast uneven jumbly heartbeat, like sneakers in a dryer. This is even with a double dose. So I need to go back to the previous generic or go to the brand-name. Will try previous generic first.

Finally got paid for the last items. (Which is extra good, as I had to pay eBay GivingWorks for a bunch of items before I received payment; ouch.) Everything goes out today, fabulous prizes and all.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
$5 so far. *smile* *shrug* Hopefully you will like new! fresh! content! enough to throw in some coffee money.

I have something special planned for next month's WTD.

Travel for the rest of the year
August 22-24: Pi-Con. I have a ride there. Could use a ride back.

September 13-14: SalonCon. Need rides. *bats eyes at Boston Victoriana fetishists*

September 22-October 1: Louisiana! Visiting gwynraven. Also my birthmom. :)

Weekends of October 18 and December 6, and various surrounding days: South Florida. Christmas week, North Florida.

I would love to hang out with locals while I'm traveling, as always. Hangout time is limited with the South Florida trips because that's for my sister's bridal shower and wedding (will try to make time for enderfem and felisdemens and maxymyllyn and the other excellent Floridians). Louisiana trip's looser, as Gwyn and my birthmom work days; I'll be writing and reading (Gwyn shipped ~150 ARCs home from ALA!) most days, but would love a native tour of New Orleans, if anyone can offer one.

And that's all the travel for the rest of the year, unless I can figure out a way to get a Spooky visit in. *nod*

Dear Steampunk Fans!
You should be keeping up on the expeditions of Dr. Julius T. Roundbottom, Scientist and Philosopher.

Link Soup
* V movie! Man, I loved that series.
* I kinda really want this chair.

Daily Science
The discovery of a giant virus that falls ill through infection by another virus1 is fuelling the debate about whether viruses are alive.

“There’s no doubt this is a living organism,” says Jean-Michel Claverie, a virologist at the the CNRS UPR laboratories in Marseilles, part of France’s basic-research agency.

Daily BPAL
If you want anything from my swap/sale list, buy now; much as I hate eBay, I'm hating this clutter more, and will shortly be selling 'em on eBay by the bunch - packs of two bottles and ten imps, maybe? Because I also want to not pack hundreds of envelopes.

L'Estate: Nepalese amber, vanilla infused amber, golden musk, sandalwood, golden lily, sunflower, and honey myrtle.
In bottle: Hm. Not as sweet as I thought it'd be! More amber/sandalwood.
On me: More sandalwood/myrtle. Sweet still summer day with golden afternoon light.

L'Inverno: White musk, winter plum, pine wood, benzoin, orchid, and stargazer lily.
In bottle: OH HAI I AM PLUM! And also benzoin.
On me: Very much the plum - but the musk and unobtrusive florals make a nice backing for it.

If anyone winds up with a bottle of L'Inverno they'd like to swap for, let me know!

* Write WTD
* Post office, library, bank
* Watch Olympics with kid
* Work with kid on a back-to-school plan - restarting flute practice, reading her assigned book, et cetera.
And I want to go through the stories I've got lying around here and get back on track submitting stuff. Vacation's over, y0.
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