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First off, question for the New Englanders: where's a good T-accessible place to do berry-picking? (If nothing's T-accessible, anyone wanna drive?) Elayna and I have a whole week free to just bum around town, and berry-picking = fun + nutritious.

I'm in a nice slow unwind over here. Have spent much of my day curled up on the couch with Elayna and some combination of cats draped over me, watching the Olympics. I know, China = human rights abuses; I know, NBC = shitty coverage. But there is something in the joy of these athletes that transcends this. This is the most amazing day of their lives, and that's wonderful to witness in anyone.

I had a dream last night about the story cards from Blogathon. See, I didn't get a chance to buy the cards; had I waited, the packages would still be unmailed. I'll be finishing the stories this week, as I finish the seven-years-ago part of Places You Haunt. My parents will be in town next week, and they can give me a ride to an office supply store so I can get the cards to print 'em on. I have plans for next year that will streamline the hell out of this and have a lot done ahead of time.

I have to pack up the final two Fabulous Prizes today; will mail them Monday. Other stuff we're doing today = grocery shopping. Fresh. Veggies. Dammit. I've been eating a lot of overprocessed food lately, and I'm very much wanting some veggies in olive oil with a bit of kosher salt and that's it.

Vegas was tremendously good for me. I'm feeling very at peace with myself, and I have new compassion for the girl I used to be. Which seems... overly simplistic. But the emotions I have on this are not very complex. I understand now.

So. This week. Unplanned! Berry-picking, some urban exploration; she has a book to read for school and needs to get back into practicing her flute, but she also has friends she hasn't seen all summer, so I expect a house full of girls for some large portion of the week. I'm okay with that. :) The end-of-school LARP became a back-to-school LARP, but is now a Halloween LARP, so I don't have to jump in and rush a story there.

So. Pacing myself. Because I spent the last few months madly busy, and it made me sick, and I do not want to do that again. *nods* Now to go dig up some Fabulous Prizes...
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