Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Pi-Con Schedule!

6:00: Blogging 101. With Cory Doctorow, hughcasey, zarhooie, and someone else.
10:00: Incorporating Fables & Folklore into Fiction.

6:00: Urban Fantasy. Wherein 'song will most likely make herself unpopular by disparaging the werewolf-fucker subgenre and reminding people that the category is way the hell broader than that, dammit.
9:00: Reading! Which all of you attending Pi-Con must attend. Please and thank you. I will bring cookies. I don't yet know what I'm reading. Scattered Wind Tunnel Dreams? "The Angel of Fremont Street"? Places You Haunt? Shayara? Something entirely new? (Because I have some New Stuff brewing, oh yes.) It will be a marvelous surprise. Please come. I have yet to read to an empty room, and I do not wish to start now.

10:00: Comics Beyond Superheroes. With hughcasey and octoberland.
Noon: Young Adult Fiction. With Cory Doctorow and norda.

*eyes list* Good. Not more than two per day. Fairly even distribution of Stuff 'song Can Talk About For an Hour.

So far as other stuff goes... this is my first Pi-Con, so I'm playing it by ear. I'll try to get to zarhooie's, envoy's, jenphalian's, hughcasey's, kradical's, and pezzonovante's panels as I can (am I missing anyone?); y'all are scheduled against me a fair bit, though. (But not for my reading. So you must all come. SRSLY.) I might get to the LJ meetup.

I think zarhooie and I still have room in our room. We have two beds. Z and I can share one. I'm just not allowed to have sex on her side of the bed, she says. Which is okay, as I was not actually planning on that.

I have a ride there (thanks, chris_walsh!), but I need a ride back on Sunday; anyone going back to Boston have room for a girl and her backpack?
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