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I wish I could draw.

Because I have lots of images spilling through my head these days... the story that's coalescing is that of the days and weeks following Crystal's disappearance in Places You Haunt.

If I could draw, I would draw Doodle at his easel, charcoal in hand, caramel-copper curls shoved all haphazard behind his ears, eyes narrowed as he brings out on paper the image that's in his head. He is wearing his customary denim overalls - and a purple-and-blue batik baby sling Petra made for him. For Kaylin. She's just a wee little thing, snuggled right up against Doodle's heartbeat - pale golden hair, chubby fist drawn up to chubby face, blissful in sleep. His apartment is in disarray around him - he was not expecting this. A playpen and a bassinet share space with teetering piles of sketchbooks and cabinets of supplies. Kaylin's not crawling yet. Yet. The apartment will be much tidier soon...

I would draw Hathaway House. I can diagram it on graph paper, but it's not the same. I would draw Petra's wall hangings, Doodle's portraits of longterm residents.

I would draw Axis, just a little old before his time - but only around the eyes. Half German, half Japanese, hence the name, but he looks Hawaiian. Thick straight silky black hair flopping over those eyes. Easy smile. Easy posture - I'd draw him perched on a rock in the desert. Stained, worn carpenter jeans, with at least one loop broken. White tank top. Leather band around his right wrist.

I don't know how I'd draw Griffin. I'd draw him leaving, duffel slung over his shoulders, jaw set, crackling with tension, ready to lash out at anyone who questioned him. Everyone else is going on about the baby. Griffin loved Crystal. Crystal, who disappeared, who left him behind. Left her baby behind, hers and Kellen's. Griffin loved Crystal, and Crystal is dead, and Griffin cannot stay here where she isn't.

I've been looking at everything from Sara's perspective. This past week, Doodle's perspective has been sneaking up on me. Doodle built a life with Kaylin, and then with Sara - without Axis and Griffin. And now, seven years later, they're back. These larger-than-life people, the men who should have been heroes... when they're around, Doodle feels smaller. Like he's not allowed to be the hero of his own story, not while they're around. And they're the kind of guys who get the girl - Axis being so broken and exuding that "you can save me" vibe, Griffin a beacon of barely-restrained power.

And they stopped dating a while ago, staying just-best-friends - but Doodle still loves the girl.

...I need a Places You Haunt icon.
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