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Happy birthday to mgrasso!

Happy early birthday to this week's birthday boys and girls: la_belledame, ilk quem98, pkthunder, ian_gunn, asim, tsarinanic, havelyard, and bitsyboo!

I spent a very achy weekend, really not helped by my period coming on with full and awful force Saturday, which always results in awful lower back and pelvic pain and cramps. Not being able to take ibuprofen sucks.

I have decided that, once I return from Vegas and get some stuff done and organized writingwise, I am going to step in the ring for Round Umptyjillion of Medical Wrestling. I have been maintaining at this level for some time. I don't want to maintain. I want to get better. Recent research is pointing to fibro as a CNS disorder, not a rheumatological one, which may change how we treat it. I want to consult with my neuro about cutting down my drug intake. I want someone to review the entire list of all of the things wrong with me and brainstorm with me. Could my heart issues be connected? How? How might that change my treatment? Et cetera.

I'm steeling myself for this because, dammit, it could be another full-time job. But I'm not satisfied with treating symptoms. I want to be treating the cause, not the effect. I want to be figuring shit out.

I will be going to Vegas tonight; I'll be there through Saturday. I will, of course, have my computer - this is a working vacation, for Places You Haunt in particular. I'll probably be posting on LJ - some musings about Vegas, maybe storybits. But don't expect usual posting frequency or swift replies to e-mail, and I will not be reading my friendspage - do let me know directly if there's a post you really want me to see.

I'd offer postcards, but I can't write longhand for more than a few sentences (tendonitis sucks). I will take pictures.

Hey, writer friends!
If anyone wants to send me manuscripts to read on my Kindle... :)

Another chance to do good!
beetiger is doing a 24-Hour 'Zine for charity! She says: I also am going to take sponsorships, to benefit The Knoxville Relief Fund, which has been set up to bring ministry, spiritual care, and practical financial assistance to those affected by the shooting at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. As a UU and an activist queer in an Welcoming Congregation, the recent tragedy felt very close to home. Send me a receipt from your donation (of any amount) and your address between now and the last few hours of 'zine production, and you'll get a numbered copy produced during that 24 hour window.

And another!
Stealing info from friend's post: "If you go to the Generation Kill website, click Troop Drive.

Basically, there is a list of items that soldiers have requested. You pick one, fill out a form with your email address, and HBO will send that item - no cost to you. The catch is that they only send 1 item per email address but if (like me) you've got more than one you can keep entering.

The drive continues until August 24, so PLEASE spread the word. If a fraction of what the TV series suggests is accurate, there's a desperate need for batteries especially."

Stuff to read
* Lone Star Stories is very good this month.
* A Field Guide to Surreal Botany features work by shveta_thakrar, markteppo, norilana, and many more!

Boston folks...
Got a room to rent?

Link Soup
* Life with Adam and Elayna.
* I totally want to go to the Winchester Mystery House someday.
* Kevin Kelly says people want to pay for things they like. (My experience with Wind Tunnel Dreams bears this out.)
* Great Vorkosigan filk by elisem.

Daily Science
What will the Large Hadron Collider find?

I must pack. Pack pack pack.

Then, if I have time, I may nap.

I am more excited than I am apprehensive. Which is rare before a trip. This is a Good Thing...
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