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More questions answered!

Do you get oversocialized? Not out of spoons, per se, but just Full Of People? If so, how do you cope when that happens mid-social event, and how do you decompress after? It doesn't usually happen mid-event; usually after a series of events. When it does, I go for a walk outside or hole up in a quiet room (hosts around here usually designate one). I cocoon after, usually for a few days at least... just me and my family and my books.

When are you getting back into Shayara? I know you've got the world on your platter but um, I want more. Its at least on the radar screen, right? I'm so glad I got this question - glad readers haven't forgotten Shayara! One of them, at least. Anyway, I want to work on Places You Haunt first, but I get the feeling that PYH is going to be something like opening the floodgates. And I have a complete retooling of Ondine that needs to get done. After that, I really want to sit down with Shayara again. I still want to do spot illos, but I'll finish Act One before I start the art hunt. I really need to be able to just write, rather than write, art-wrangle, and web-wrangle simultaneously. I want to do it justice.

What do you consider a magic place? Manymany possible answers to that one. Any place you (general you) feel is magic. The church tower at Woods Hole is my favorite magic place, but the ocean does it for me, too. Elayna has this one spot in the backyard.

How do you find the energy to write so much? This is a question I have trouble parsing, because I can't not write. And when I'm not writing due to overload in other parts of my life, the not-writing drives me nuts. Compulsion!

Do you have a favorite pen you like to use when you write? That changes. Right now, and for the last few years, it's been the Pilot Precise V5, fine or extra fine. My tendonitis makes writing by hand difficult, so I need something that really flows across the page with a light touch.

We often get a glimpse of your sex life with others, even if they're anonymized So, what we don't know is: what's your sex life with Yendi like? And if he doesn't want this answered, just put down "Beelzebub" and I'll know you at least contemplated it. Beelzebub! Seriously, Adam's a private person... I post about sex with various partners based on their comfort levels, whether they want fame and acclaim, a clever pseudonym, or no info whatsoever. Adam's private. :) We are happily married, I'll say that.

If you could be a virtuoso on any instrument, which would you choose? Violin.

Has your perception of me changed now that you've met theloriest? No, but I knew you online for years before I met her. So my image of you had pretty well formed already.

Should I be concerned that I dreamt about showing up naked to a meeting with Barack Obama? Depends. What else happened in this dream? ;)

What am I doing wrong when I date that I don't seem to connect? Hm. Insufficient data to respond.

Do you ever feel the desire to run away from home, even though your life is awesome? Do you ever feel the desire to do drugs again? To run away, absolutely. I've always been a tumbleweed and wanderer, and I am very rooted right now. Something in me rebels at that. Stuff like WisCon and my Wyrding Studios vacation are whetting my appetite for that right now, but when Elayna hits college, I'll be spending some time wandering. Drugs, no, but I've been smart in that I've placed myself in a community where drugs, well, aren't. If I were seeing them every weekend, I might be tempted. (Okay, I'm tempted when my house is messy, because I remember tirelessly cleaning on speed!)

What is the most difficult part about being poly? Scheduling! Which may seem like a facile answer, but it's the bane of many a poly node's existence. I cannot sing the praises of Google Calendar enough. Otherwise... well, when you love someone, you want to be with them all the time. If they have other partners, you can't. Hm. Also, can be difficult when, somewhere in the poly node, there is trouble; it ripples out and affects everyone.
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