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Another opportunity to do good!

A friend of a friend is in a bad way. Received via e-mail:

"In short-- she's on medical disability/worker's comp for a serious back injury, and yesterday her wife was rushed to the hospital with a severe illness that might be a stroke, or might be something else. Lori's insurance company just terminated her insurance today, leaving her without medical coverage and without the worker's comp benefits she's been relying on to pay the bills, specifically her rent, without which she may be evicted after August 6th.

She's offering to make art for anyone who's willing to donate to help her out in this situation. You can read about it here:

Her art website is here: and the donations page is here:"

I don't know jetshade personally, but I know enough people who know her that I feel confident that there's a need here. Art is knotwork- nd tribal-inspired, and can be of your name. your dog (many breeds seems to be available), your zodiac sign, etc. Go check that out, and help if you can!
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