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Blogathon wrapup and drawing

All told, the ten kickass blogathonners of Team Venture raised $6,307 for our charities.

We rock.

So do you, dear sponsors.

Ten bloggers, ten winners. I'd do 20, but I'm paying the post office enough already. :)

Random number generator, turn turn turn.... give us ten different numbers from 1-187 (numbers assigned in chronological order of donation per blogger, bloggers' lists in order of arrival, then pit crew, promoters, artists)...

87: cheerilyxmorbid
137: avivasedai
106: wired_lizard
130: australian_joe
63: jennifer
126: sionainn
51: ysabel
1: lynxreign
3: skyra
161: zlana


Okay, whoever cheerilyxmorbid sponsored, let me know what you think they'd like from my random stuff, and send me their address! Everyone else, I should be able to figure out. aViva and Sionnain, I need your addresses. Everyone else I have or is local.

Once again, thank you thank you thank you for sponsoring or otherwise helping Team Venture! Over $6K for charity. That's pretty damn awesome. We couldn't have done it without you.

EDIT: And if you are on this list and have a BPAL wishlist, please point me to it! I have drawers full of BPAL. Odds are I have something that could be a Fabulous Prize for you. Also let me know if you want a storybit. I don't do fanfic, but if you want something Shayara or Places You Haunt or Wind Tunnel Dreams or anything...
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