Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Your questions answered!

How are you doing? Before my nap, the answer would have been "not well, but thanks for asking." Nap, however, was restorative. As it damn well should've been, considering it took up the whole afternoon.

What would you do for a Klondike bar? Meh. But for a Good Humor chocolate eclair... baby.

Will you be going to the US Discworld Convention next year? We're not sure. Cost isn't a huge issue; Adam's mom lives near there, and she might help out on airfare to get us there, if she hasn't fled to NYC 'round then. Time's the factor. That would be the weekend before Elayna starts high school. (OMFG, I just said "Elayna" and "high school" in the same sentence.) So it depends if she feels she needs prep time for that. She does quite like the Pratchett she's read and seen, so she'd be up for it, if she doesn't need to cocoon with her friends here. We'll see. We'd like to.

Why is a raven like a writing desk? "Poe wrote on both" is a boring answer, but it's what I've got right now.

what do you like to know about people? Everything! Seriously, starting a friendship with me is like an infodump and an interrogation rolled into one. With coffee. Hm. First quick shot - I'd like to know their favorite books and music. Not just what they like, but what changed their lives or struck a chord. I find that I end up using books and songs as shorthand, thrusting The Sparrow or Dreams Underfoot or Dhalgren at them to explain bits of me. So if the other person tends to code infodumps into media, I'd like to know what media, so I can properly immerse myself!

How did you decide to call yourself 'shadesong'? I used it when I was living in Utah and running the midnight-to-five-AM GM shift at an all-night comics & gaming store because it worked for both Shadowrun and ElfQuest. It had been gifted to me earlier that year, and has roots back to my childhood best friend calling me his song. My first e-mail account was Katrianna, after my Shayara character, but I shifted into Shadesong and have used it online ever since. (Note: not every Shadesong online is me. There's one writing bad ElfQuest fanfic, for instace, and one on World of Warcraft, and the one on MySpace is a band.

If you were able to turn your windows into solar cells while still letting light through, how much would you pay per window? I would actually have to consult an expert for that. This requires too much research to answer offhand! *laugh*

How much is too much? Last weekend was too much, that's for sure.

what advice would you give to someone new to practicing polyamory? Practice a lot! No, seriously: Total honesty. Lots of communication - most poly issues I've seen come down to some tangle in the communication. That stuff happens to monogamous couples, too - imagine how much it snowballs when you double or triple the number of connections! Use your Google Calendar. Use your head - realize that when you're in NRE, you can act kinda stupid (this is the general you) and can be prone to neglecting your other partner(s). Don't do that! Part of communication: Know what your partner needs. Know what you need. Make sure you're both getting what you need. I'm talking emotionally, not just sexually. Realize when enough is enough, and don't try to have more relationships than you can truly sustain - it sucks to turn someone down because you're crrently what rigel calls "poly saturated", but it sucks more to put strain on your existing relationships by spreading yourself thinner than you can to take on someone new. Ask this question of lots of people, because you'll get lots of different answers, and lots of those are right.

Can I have a cookie? Yes. Yes, you can.

If you could be magically transported anywhere, for a single day, where would it be? Spooky's place. Because I miss her.

How is it possible to feel more alone in a relationship than you do when you're single, knowing that it's genuinely a good relationship and not the fault of your partner? I cannot explain this - but I can say that I've felt it. Yep, even with great relationships. There can still be those dark moments or days of "I'm alone in this world."

What is your favorite color bra and panties set You assume I'm organized enough to have sets. Um. I have a pair of black and white polka-dot panties that don't clash with my black bra?

Will you still love me when I'm old and gray? Sweetie, you're already old and grey. So yes.

I'm thinking about writing. Think there's a story in me somewhere that anyone anywhere would ever want to hear? Yes. I think there are stories in everyone. We're all teeming with them, and one of my big frustrations is that I can never know them all! The real question isn't whether you have a story. It's whether you can write it, and do so in a way that connects with people. Can you? Not having read your fiction, I sure don't know. Is it worth a try? Absolutely. Do it! Give the world more stories!

Have you been tested for Lyme disease? Nope. But I don't go anywhere ticks go. No camping, not since that wilderness survival stuff in my teens.

What helps get you through a bad flareup? Elayna, Adam, Story, chocolate...? All of the above! ('cept that I'm Story, she's Spooky.) Also feste_sylvain. Also the Minuteman Library Network's internet-based interlibrary loan system. Days when I can't get up, it's a mug of coffee and a stack of library books. Also LJ. When I can't get out, I really rely upon y'all to be my window to the world, to help me feel connected, to make me smile. Also local friends. *nod* Basically, it's a lot of 'net and reading and loved ones.

Know of any jobs for a senior software architect/director of IT type person in the Denver area? No - but hopefully someone reading this will?

Do you have any idea just how beautiful you are? *brain shorts out*
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