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more musings.

Emily drove me up to New Hampshire today to pack and mail artifacts... during the drive, we were discussing What Did Not Work at this year's Blogathon, and how we can fix it. It comes down to a fairly simple set of fixes, actually. Next year, the division of labor will be total: I'm in charge of blogging and bloggers, and shes in charge of pit crew and, more importantly, of the environment ("Al Gore called. He totally has faith in you.")

Because the reason my whole project went off the rails this year was, again, a lot of where's-the-colander type questions... and quite a bit of people not respecting other people's space and needs. And me being affected by that (when Emily arrived at 10 pm Saturday, I'd fled upstairs because people would not stop yelling and having loud conversations over my head and touching me while I was trying to dive in and write), and me being called away from my writing to deal with other people being affected by that, and... I can write fiction for 24 hours. I can organize stuff like this. But I can't do all of that and be the person in charge of everything from changing the toilet paper to fetching towels to finding baking sheets all at the same time. A person without brain damage couldn't do it. I can't do it. Especially not on sleep-dep.

So next year, Emily wants to find us a church or Elk's-Club type of place. There'll be a rowdy room and a quiet room. Kitchen. Hopefully shower. Place for pit crew to nap. If pit crew do inappropriate things, they get one warning, then she stamps FAIL on their forehead and boots them out. Most especially, this needs to be not in my house because I need to absolutely not be the person people go to about air conditioning or colanders, and my poor husband needs some sleep.

We're winging this. Last year was the first year we did a group Blogathon, and there were problems. We fixed some of those problems; this year, the team doubled in size, and we found new problems. Thing to remember is that this is only the second time we've ever done this. So. We're on a learning curve.

Friday, I'll be able to tell you how much we made for charity. That'll be a mood-booster.

For all that went wrong, there's a lot that went right, and a lot of that has to do with how supportive our local community is of stuff like this. No one can cater a large group like the men and women of the poly-Boston crowd. No one jumps in to Help like Boston geeks. There is significant overlap there, but not total. We could not have done this without people like Emily and avivasedai. I said "Dude, charity event," and bunches of people said "Oh, sure!" Artists from all over the world, too.

We drove out to New Hampshire because kythryne offered to help pack and meter-mail everything, because dude, she's a pro. She and Emily packed stuff while Amy and I did labels/postage. At one point, Kyth handed me a box with a cat in it. No, the cat is not a Fabulous Prize. You no can has. But it cracked us all up. :) Today was lots of being silly and working together and walking around a pretty New England town, and I love it here. I don't just love New England. I love that I have a community that sees people doing something hard and says "Here, I'll help." Whether it's cooking or packing or just being there. This is a good home.

I'm still very spun around. Tomorrow's my not-touching-anything-Blogathonian day. I have not had any writing time at all - pretty much for the last month, it feels like. I may be too jittery and off-balance as of yet to jump back into that. I'm at a place right after the last Big Thing where I don't know what I want and need to do next - where my focus should be. So it's a good thing I'm spending all of next week with someone who's good at helping me figure that out. I think tomorrow will be cleaning my office - as usual when having any sort of gathering at my house, bunches of stuff got thrown in there and I can't *work* in there til it gets cleaned. If my body's not up to cleaning (I thought I was okay earlier today, but had fewer spoons than I'd estimated), I'll read a book. But I'm not touching anything Blogathonny. Not even saying the word. *nod*
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