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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to cmpriest!

Hello to new reader dayo!

Still sleepwalking through my days. Didn't help that I kept waking up last night because I was actually cold.

Important: Auction winners, you must pay me by 9 AM in order to get your artifact mailed today! If you cannot pay me now, you have til Friday morning; next shipment goes out Friday afternoon. After that, I'll be out of town for a week. Please let me know if there's any sort of problem. If you're paying by check, please make it out to me - eBay's program yanks all of the money out of PayPal, so I need your monies in my account.

We are up to $3,060, thanks to these awesome people! It's not too late. I'll be taking donations through 9 AM Friday.

And check out givetoget for second chances at Wyrding Studios pendants, tin purses, paper bowl, tambourines, sock yarn, and more!

Shayara story
So I have requests for Napalm, Lyric, Donna, and Alanna. Any others?

Link Soup
* Fold Loud: musical origami.
* "Mom, Dad, I'm into steampunk."
* slipjig's alphabetical Blogathon wrapup.

Daily Science
Microscopic bumps on a lotus leaf transform its waxy surface into an extremely water repellent, or superhydrophobic, material. Raindrops roll easily across such a surface, removing any dirt. Researchers have developed synthetic self-cleaning materials, some of which are based on this “lotus effect,” whereas others employ the opposite property—superhydro­philicity—as well as catalytic chemical reactions.

Going to Kyth's to pack and mail artifacts. Whee! After that, don't know.
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