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Speaking of Explo...

I've been whining all summer that they never do slideshows of Elayna's courses. Not much in the daily photos, either. Architecture and interior design got way more than anything else, I think; I had days of "Architecture again?!?" Why no pics of stage combat? Stage combat is pic-worthy!

But yay. Today's slideshow is her Eco-logic* class! That's her in the orange-and-white shirt and black hat. And it's a small class, so she's in almost every shot. The picture of her with the cactus is particularly great. And I do that arm-around-the-back thing, too; I wonder if she got it from me or I got it from her?

But yes. That brightens my day quite a bit.

Explo sponsors: She's loving it too much to give progress reports! She's thrown herself into Explo with abandon, sleeping over whenever possible, trying new things in activities - she has discovered a love of improv, among other things.

EDIT: There are some of her in Daily Photos, too! :) Also from the grenhouse, but they're pics that weren't in the slideshow.

* Course description: Eco-logic - Ecology in the 21st Century

Phosphates in fertilizers. Runoff into rivers. All around us, chemicals are mixing with the earth's soil, waterways, and atmosphere…and we're going to investigate the consequences. At Lake Waban, you'll gather data on pH levels and dissolved oxygen. In the lab, you'll simulate acid rain and study how it affects plant growth and soil composition. To test the viability of alternative energy sources, you'll build a wind turbine and create a solar cell. And because contemporary environmental issues don't exist in a vacuum, we'll also explore the politics of ecology – forecasting the economic consequences of climate change and evaluating the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol. In a world where change is constant, we'll pose the question: can climate change be stopped?
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