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Tew's Day

Hello to new readers antastra, bleemoo, clodia_risa, glinda_w, natrlobsessions, surreal_prose, testickles, and zen_kitty!

Recovery is slow, but happening. Brain and body are both still exhausted, but markedly more functional.

$1900 in auctions + $956 in direct donations = $2,856 for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Could make that $3K. *tempts you*

The exclusive short story for sponsors will be set in Shayara.

Make sure your name is here.

Shiny things
If you did not get the item you were bidding hopefully on and still want it, do check the eBay listing - the artist may have something like it in their store! (If a link to the store is not included, I just didn't know about it. Feel free to ask; I'll put you in contact with the artist.)

Lost & Found
A computer thingie that's probably dalious's. Sunglasses. Coleman air-mattress pump. Teapot.

This spring/summer has been panic and fundraising for Explo, rape survivors ritual, intensive rape crisis counselor training, wrangling 50 artists, 10 bloggers, and support staff and fundraising for Blogathon, and I'm jittery and exhausted and cannot bear any more writing about rape or fundraisings, so please gods give me something else, something that rocks.

I need to send out more stories. I think I only have one thing currently on submission. That, and I need to write more. I have a few things eating my brain. I need to sleep and center myself and figure out where I'm headed next.

Clearing and Vegas
I'm glad the Vegas trip is coming up. It's a kick in the butt to wrap all of the 'thon stuff up this week. I'm glad of the trip for other reasons, too. While Joe's at his conference, I'll be walking around and getting a feel for the city again. Not that its hold on me has faded, but since I'm jumping back into Places You Haunt after a long hiatus, this'll be a good kick-start. Immersion.

Link Soup
* Twitter fortune cookies.
* Off With Their Heads! dioramas of famous beheadings, using praying mantises.

Daily Science
Previous research has considered the possibility of micro organisms existing in Venus's atmosphere despite extreme temperatures on its surface.

But two scientists at the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology say microbes from Venus could actually be blown into the Earth's atmosphere by solar winds.

Daily BPAL
Don't feel like testing anything today, but you should know that Snow, Glass, Apples is the perfect apple, with BPAL's snow note and something bitter-like-blood. It's very limited-edition, so you should go buy it now.

I'm wondering if Schwarzer Mond is very different from last year's. I'll have to have a BPAL sale when I get back from Vegas to fund more BPAL shopping. I'd like to try a bottle of Chaos Theory.

Shower, tidying, writing; between writing, setting artifacts and packing materials aside to bring to Kyth's tomorrow. The boxes have been stacked on my Gazelle, and dammit, I really want access to the Gazelle; I need exercise, and it's too hot out for long walks.
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