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Auctions are over.

Total raised via auctions: $1,900.10.
Direct donations: $706.00.

Total right now: $2,606.

Can we top last year's $3,500? Don't know. That's up to you.

Sponsors get an exclusive short story and an entry into the drawing for Fabulous Prizes. If you can think of additional incentives, let me know!

Also, if you sponsored, make sure I've thanked you here. If I haven't, I don't know that you've sponsored me!

After all of this is done, I'm taking a nice long break from fundraising. (WTD isn't a fundraiser, it's my Day Job. Even so, might continue my break from it through August because I'll be in Vegas for half of WTD week.) So if you were saving your pennies for the next 'song fundraiser, go ahead and spend 'em right here and now!

Please sponsor me. Donate to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center now.

EDIT: Update before bed: $2,767. Now I sleep.
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