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I feel like all I've been doing today is invoicing auction winners... *flops over on couch* I think staying in tonight is best. Rest. Yes.

Tomorrow: Writing stories for the pieces I never got around to... I think I'll post them on Never Silent and point you guys over there when they're up, to avoid friendslist flooding yet still have the stories available. Must then print out stories and set aside the artifacts that need to be mailed. Thankfully, the big framed poster is going locally! :) Must also send the artists who still have their artifacts the addresses of the winners. *nod*

Wednesday: Field trip! Packing and mailing with Emily and Kyth!

Thursday: Something that is in no way related to Blogathon. I don't know what yet. But I get a day off!

Friday: Drawing for Fabulous Prizes. Sending out said Fabulous Prizes.

At some point this weekend, we're going to Shakespeare in the Square! Not choosing a day until I hear from Elayna, find out what her Explo trip plans are.

And... packing for a week in Vegas. Dude. Vegas. Monday. *falls over*

Final half hour of the auctions, kids. Last chance to get in on this. Bid! Bid like the wind! (Let's assume the wind is an eBay addict, okay? Thanks.)
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