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Few scattered notes

Auctions are ending every few minutes for the next five hours! Exciting! Go shop!

If you pay by Wednesday morning, your artifact will be mailed on Wednesday. If by Friday morning, Friday. No one should have to pay any later than that, but if you are later, you may have to wait a week; I'll be in Vegas all next week.

I will, of course, combine shipping if you win more than one artifact.

Locals - you can pick up, or I can find a way to deliver to you. No shipping & handling! So go bid! Especially on large things like this awesome framed poster by ultra_lilac! Yes. Locals, buy art so I don't have to ship it!

You can still get great prices on lots of art, knitted stuff, music, musical instruments, that great candleholder, tin purses, et cetera.

I'm perking up a bit. Coredump on Gchat with feste_sylvain helped. Still processing a lot. Progress is made slowly sometimes. And will be aided today by tea and a bath. Hm. BPAL bath oil or Lush bath bomb?

EDIT: Auctions will be ~$2,000 if no one else bids, on top of my almost $700 in direct sponsorship. I'd love to pass last year's high of $3500 raised, so go forth and bid - and if you don't win your item, please consider donating the amount you were willing to spend directly to BARCC!
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