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Direct sponsorships

$1,201 at this point, thanks to the following sponsors:

lynxreign, australian_joe, skyra, Amal, wordswoman, bluerosesgirl, lordlnyc, dulcinbradbury, taura_g, thesilentpoet, fiddle_dragon, sylverice2, wakingdreaming, freyapax, eilonwy, 1phish2phish, delerone, bikergeek, ysabel, mizarchivist, feste_sylvain, firebirdgrrl, fmi_agent, stealthcello, whitecrow0, frogger_the_mad, phenom_woman, eustaciavye, wired_lizard, marmota, aurora_lamour, nevacaruso, antastra, ckd, setfiretolife, drwex, keren_s, sweetevangeline!

Thanks, guys!

If you sponsored me and your name is not listed, I do not know about it. I will dig through the hundreds of comments on the fifty entries eventually, maybe, but if you commented there to tell me that you kicked in a few bucks, please assume that I did not get the message.

Please forward the e-mail receipt from Network for Good to shadesong AT!

'songbrain requires centralization of information. Am making the needs here as clear as possible.

Auctions are ending left and right, and I'm verra busy sending invoices...

Also, can some dear BPALerina please post something like this in sinandsalvation?

EDIT: And please forgive any oddity in communication with me today. I am seriously out of my head with exhaustion, disorientation, et cetera. Brain feels mired in quicksand.
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