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I have been staggering through my day thinking "Wow, I feel even more like reheated crap than I usually do after Blogathon. By quite a bit. This sucks."

Adam and I just brought ewin back to her friend's house. On the way back, I was rubbing st my eyes. Just tired? Itchy. Oh. "Oh," thought I. "The rain must've shaken loose some pollen or something."

Continued eye-rubbing. Noticed eyes getting runny and nose stuffy. "Odd," thought I. "Usually my Allegra handles things -"

And the light dawned. "I... did not take my Allegra this morning. Or any of my morning pills."

Yep. Reason I've been staggering around unable to form sentences all day? Lyrica withdrawal. Plus sleep dep. Anti-seizure-med withdrawal.

Just took my evening meds + Allegra. Because Lyrica now won't make my brain work, not til after my bedtime. So jewelry stories, not yet. :( Bad enough I spent 12 hours without Lyrica. I need a had reset.
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