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Kinda awake

Yeah. This was not a great year for me, physically - painwise or brainfogwise. And I'm very nauseous and sick to my stomach. Sleep dep *bad*. I haven't read my posts yet, but I was basically running on empty for the second half of the Blogathon, and running on fumes for the last seven to eight hours.

As you'll have seen, I have a bunch left to write. My brain is not back online yet. I'll hopefully be up to writing the jewelry stories tonight, as those auctions end tomorrow morning; in my rapidly-being-revised ideal world, I can do those tonight and the non-jewelry ones tomorrow morning.

Please take a moment to go check out the auctions! Wonderful stuff that's going very cheap in some cases. Please pounce on this necklace so I don't have to.

...I don't know how to resolve the issue of the starting bids for future charity auctions. Some of these items were clearly worth more than others just in terms of materials and time put in, but I was in the unenviable position of having to try to evaluate the worth of items in unfamiliar media and, in some cases, fearing the "so that person's stuff is worth more than mine? why?" conversation. Next time, I'll ask the artists up front what a reasonable starting bid might be. I started things very low because I know that charity auctions can get bid up very quickly and because, psychologically, people are far more likely to bid on things with a low starting bid, even if they end up paying more than they would initially have bid otherwise. Or something.

Further incentive on one item that's happily getting bid up: if the bidding on this Wyrding Studios pendant goes over $100, kythryne will personally send the winner the prototype of an unreleased design of her choosing. I saw some of her prototypes of upcoming designs during my visit there. You want.

If anyone feels like helping me pack all this stuff Tuesday or Wednesday, I will be very, very grateful!

My poor sleepdepped brain is additionally preoccupied by an issue that popped up at the end of Blogathon and has maybe gotten a lot worse... the dishwasher's dead. We checked the circuit breaker, and *that* seems fine. But having that happen with a kitchen full of dirty dishes (next year, paper plates and plastic cups!) and no one's brain being okay created difficulties. Add to that a halfway-panicked, halfway-fed-up call from the landlord about their pipes backing up, and did we do anything unusual to the plumbing?


Adam just got a call back as I was typing this, and it seems that it wasn't an issue with anything going down the disposal - which was our big fear, because there were things in that sink that shouldn't have been, and we could've easily missed pulling something out before it went down. Phew. They cautioned Adam to be careful what we put down the toilet. So while I can see the extraordinary toll on the bathroom over the past 48 hours quite possibly causing the problem, it's not as bad as silverware or popcorn kernels in the disposal. In terms of preventable problems. But. Not knowing if disposal issues caused our landlords a big plumber bill made for a very nerve-wracking few hours. (Should be mentioned that this would've been Strike Two; a plastic fork went down and screwed things up this Thanksgiving or last, I believe.)

Dishwasher's still not working. So we have to clean this house pronto so we can get them up here to fix that. In the meantime, Adam and ewin are washing dishes.

Hm. What else.

Yes. Reminder:
a) There is a drawing for Fabulous Prizes for Team Venture sponsors! Sponsor a Venturite, get an entry in the drawing! One entry for every Venturite you sponsor! What are the prizes? Um. They're fabuolous? Basically, this is closet-cleanbing, but I have an awesome closet, so it's cool. There'll be BPAL, some jewelry, maybe a few books. Other nifty things. Mini rubber chicken?
b) Network for Good *does not tell me* if you sponsored! The e-cards do not tell me if you sponsored! They just tell me that you hit the site at some point. I want very much to keep track of sponsorships, and so does BARCC, so please forward me your e-mail receipts. There'll be a BARCC meeting tomorrow evening, and I'd love to be able to give them as accurate an update as possible. :)
c) You can sponsor til 48 hours after the end of Blogathon. If you want to donate on payday, I'm not going to say no! But let me know if you intend to. Given that, I'll do the drawing on Friday. Venturites, please get me your list of sponsors by Friday morning.

I am so brainfried right now.

Elayna loved Heifer International's Outlook Farm, even though a cow pooped on her. She's now catching up on GaiaOnline and e-mail. Her first-session friends are e-mailing her talking about their Explo withdrawal, poor kids...

Um. That's it for now. Buy shinies. Sponsor me.
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